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Speaking as a manager

Your communication can affect others and how they will continue to respond to you. It is often difficult as a manager to speak frankly and openly with employees, being firm and honest without alienating them, or coming off as a jerk. The trick is finding a balance and learning how to speak as a manager in a way that helps employees to improve and grow, while maintaining a positive response and respect for you. Here are some tips:

1. Show that you value them. It is a lot easier to hear what you have done wrong, or what you need to improve on from someone you know values you then from some pompous boss. If you want your employees to respond well to your constructive criticisms, they have to know they are valued first!

2. Be willing to listen as well as speak. One of the biggest mistakes a business manager can make is speaking at his employees, rather than engaging them in conversations and listening with an open mind. Be willing to listen, take what they say into consideration BEFORE speaking.

3. Rejoice with them. If you can celebrate success with them they will be far more willing to listen to you when you have to speak with them about failure. As a manager, speaking should remain upbeat and remind them of the good times, so that they can get back to them.

4. Do not be judgmental. Being judgmental is going to send the employee in to the defensive mode. When that mode is entered, learning ceases. If you want your employees to learn from mistakes, and look at them as opportunities for growth, you have to leave off the judgment, just state facts, and help them see the opportunities for growth.

5. Care about your employees. Show that you care. You can do this through your words and actions. Speak using visual cues as well as verbal. Touching their shoulder, or looking them in the eye when speaking can covey that you care.

6. Lift or elevate them to a higher state. Do not tear them down, rather help them to reach their potential. It is a lot easier to listen to and take advice from someone who you know is trying to help you reach your potential.

7. Use kind and encouraging words. Remain positively focused. If you can turn negative situations into a positive chance to reinforce learning and growth, reminding employees to work hard, and being firm, but doing it in an encouraging way, you will see far greater success.

This can be a difficult task as it is the job of a manager to keep everyone in line. However, remember that it is often a matter of focus. Look at problems as opportunities for growth. When you approach them this way, focusing on the positive, and being firm in your corrections, but showing that you care and value your employees, you will find that they respond far better.

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