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Managing attentions

Having a good manager is one of the keys to success in a business. Managers need to be able to direct and focus the attentions of their employees so that efficiency will be high, and everyone will feel they are part of something bigger than themselves.

One of the skills of a successful business manger is the ability to draw people to you, and gain their commitment to your cause. A good business manager draws people to them, but not just because of the dream, vision, etc. that they create (which is important) but because of the focus of their commitment to it. They manage attention by presenting a compelling vision, but also by bringing those that are included in that vision to a new level.

When you manage attentions, you inspire employees because you know exactly what you want and you do not waste their time. A good leader's intentions are always clear. When you run a company it is crucial that your employees know, not only what is expected of them, but that you have a reason for expecting it. They need to know that you are not going to waste their time, but that you are committed to your vision or goal, and that all directives will help them to reach that vision or goal with you.

The management of attention is achieved through intentions and a set direction or goal. Business managers that learn to successfully manage the attentions of their staff will have people drawn to them. They will see fewer turnovers, and will find that the staff they do have is far more focused and successful as a result. These are all really good things. So, how do you manage attentions better?
1. Know what you want. You have to have a clearly defined set of intentions, thus employees not only know what is expected of them by why.
2. Create a framework that leads to a vision and that the outcome of which is a successful completion of a goal. Every action taken has a place in the steps to reaching your business goals. When an employee does something for the company, no matter how trivial it feels, they need to rest assured that it is an important piece in the puzzle of reaching the outcome desired.
3. Real commitment. You have to show a real focus of commitment to the goals in order to get the rest of your team on board and committed to the same vision. This is achieved by really believing in whatever it is you are doing, and focusing on the vision you have set, creating an environment that fosters free thinking, collaboration, taking responsibility, etc.

Good managers are also good leaders. The same qualities that impact leadership ability impact management. If a manager can lead their team toward a vision, inspire them, encourage them to take responsibility and grow etc. they will achieve success.

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