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Managing with trust

Trust is one of the most important characteristics of a management. A good manager establishes trust with their employees, and through this trust is able to lead them and help them to reach their potential, while achieving the goals of the company. Of course, trust is not something that is easy to obtain, which is why it is so valuable. Those things that are most rare are the things that hold the most weight. The following are some tips for how to manage with trust.

Reliability and constancy- This is the main determinant of trust. People want to know that they can count on someone to always act, react, and believe in the same way. Employees want to know that their boss will be reliable. They want to know where he or she is coming from, and what they stand for. At all times. When an employee knows what it is that their manager wants from them, what that manager believes in, etc. they can meet those expectations. The reliability and constancy is especially key in a work relationship, as their needs to be a measure by which to gauge success.

Consistency- Consistency is very similar to reliability but not quite the same. A relationship of manager trust is established when a manager is consistent. When they exercise the same actions, set expectations, and consistently respond the same way, an employee knows what they can and cannot do. If they present an idea and it gets demolished by a manager, they are going to be afraid to every present an idea again. However, a manager that consistently takes others ideas into consideration before doing any kind of deliberation will have employees who trust that they can share their ideas.

Focus- Trust is most often established when a manager is focused on the vision for the company. Employees will be able to see that because of the focus, the manager's actions will be consistent with what it takes to reach a vision or goal. Focus and consistency are critical elements in the recipe for leadership and business management success. But in addition to that, focus helps establish trust because it helps make motivations and intentions transparent. When motivations and intentions are transparent, it is easy for employees to trust because they have a clearer understanding of actions and consequences.

Great business managers and leaders work hard to develop relationships of trust with their employees. They do this by being consistent and reliable in their actions, beliefs, and goals, and by expecting the same from those that they manage. It is important to note that just like in a personal relationship, if management trust is broken, it will take far longer to repair it. Trust is needed in order to achieve the desired results for a company, as without it, managers would have difficulty getting their staff to do as asked without explanation or more.

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