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One thing often over looked by business managers is the need to strengthen themselves in order to lead better. The way a company works starts at the head, and this means that if a business manager is not strong, no matter how organized they are, their company will not be that strong. Here are some ideas for improving your thinking, and doing some management self-help:

1. Reminders and attention focusers. Do you have a system for reminding yourself what you need to do on a daily basis? You should have a way to focus on the tasks that need to be accomplished; physical reminders are good. A planner, a to-do list, etc.
2. Removing negative cues. We often use our time poorly. We are getting things done, but they are things of less value that how we could be spending our time. There are things that distract from success. Organize your life to avoid these activities. There are times and places for everything, but if there are negative cues that distract you from work, put them someplace else.
3. Increasing positive cues. Put positive cues about so that you remember the things you are working for. For example, hanging your mission and values statement so that you constantly see and read it is good. Positive cues will increase the number of thoughts you have about your goal.
4. Self-observation. Track your behavior to see how you are using your time, and what you can do to change it. Logging activities allows you to weigh the frequency and time spent on a certain task with the relative value it creates.
5. Self-goal setting. Track the goals you have set for yourself. If you are constantly setting and tracking your goals, you will keep them forefront in your mind.
6. Self reward. As a manager it is very useful to create self-rewarding activities to use in your life. It will help motivate you to achieve more. When you achieve something, celebrate it. For example, you can take a break and check sport scores after you have answered all of your emails.
7. Self-punishment. Self-punishment deters negative behaviors and rewards positive. It is a method of reminding yourself of the dangers of negative behaviors so that you are more likely to avoid them. A person dieting, for example, might put a picture of themselves looking their worst on the fridge so that each time they want to indulge they remember why they are dieting.
8. Practice. Mental practice is the best way to improve your behaviors. Rehearse scenarios in your head in order to prepare yourself to face them and be strong when they are actually real. Practice how you will avoid distractions, and work harder. Every action starts out as a thought, so start strengthening your mind and it will translate into improved performance as a business manager and leader.

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