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Self motivating situations

As a manager you can increase the potential and work efficiency of your employees by helping them to create self-motivating situations. Let's start by taking a look at what a self motivating situation is, how it makes you feel, and then look at what we can do to create this in the work environment.

A self motivating situation is a situation where you feel an ultimate flow of energies, and enjoy a real sense of accomplishment, happiness, and self-pride. It is when you feel that this is your purpose in life and that you really belong. In the work place this can be difficult to achieve. Confucius once said, "Find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life." These are the kinds of moments you want to create in your work place.

Self-motivating moments often occur in the following areas:
1. Where people feel competent.
2. Where people feel a sense of self-control.
3. Where there is deep meaning or purpose.
4. Where people are allowed to utilize their strengths.
5. Where conditions are challenging and important.
6. Where there is autonomy, accountability, and high involvement.

As a manager, the best way to create these naturally rewarding moments is to recognize when they occur, and do what you can to implement them in your daily work force. For example, people experience self-motivating moments when they feel competent. As a manager you can learn from this and help people to feel prepared for and competent in the tasks they are assigned. Trainings, proper placement of personnel and helpful resources can aid to this.

People often feel these self-motivating moments when they are in control. Giving employees responsibilities and letting them find their own solutions is a great way to do this. Be an example to them, and encourage them, but allow them to control the how, where, and when of what they are doing.

Help employees understand that not every task is fun, exciting, or even enjoyable, but paint the bigger picture for them. Help them see the meaning or purpose behind the tasks and they will find much more joy in doing them. Think about the times in your life that you felt the most satisfied or fulfilled in your work. How can you help recreate those feelings in those that you manage?

Employee placement is a huge part of helping your employees find self-motivating situations. When employees are allowed to utilize their strengths, and bring their best food forward, they are going to shine. Do not ask someone who feels uncomfortable using the computer to create a spreadsheet, it will lead to feelings of failure. Instead, let someone whose strength is this do it. This does not mean you should not train others to use programs, or improve, etc. but by allowing people toutilize their strengths, you improve morale.

Make it fun, challenging, and rewarding. Hold employees accountable, and you will see that self-motivation is the natural result.

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