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Taking care of you for better management

When you manage a company, you are in fact managing people. The best way to manage people is to manage yourself. When you take care of yourself, you become a better manager as a result. The following are some tips for becoming a better manager starting with yourself.

Be wise- The first thing is to always take time to think and look for rational solutions before speaking. Wisdom is something you gain through experience, but remember as a manager to be wise.

Seek knowledge- A good manager continues to learn and expand their knowledge base every day. Continual learning and self-improvement is necessary. If you want to become a better manager, look for a way to keep learning daily. Ask yourself if you could improve on your communication, your technical knowledge, etc.

Get organized- Managing people requires organization. Organize your time, organize your work schedule, your goals, etc. Create a workflow schedule. Create a plan. Make sure that you stay on top of things. Work with lists, a planner, a digital schedule, or whatever it takes for you to be organized.

Be teachable and open- Good managers are not afraid to take some advice and input from employees. They are open and teachable. They are okay with feedback. They except it in a respectful and constructive way. While it is good to take feedback and be teachable, a good manager knows when to be the one to lay down the law. Improve yourself by being more teachable and open.

Value your employees- It is important for a manager to know their worth, in addition, they need to know the worth of those that work for them. Learn to identify your own strengths and capitalize on them, and identify the strengths of those that work for you, and capitalize on those as well.

Be industrious- A good manager is industrious. They spend their time efficiently, and are always seeking out ways to use their time well. In other words, a good manager does not spend time on FaceBook or chatting with friends while they should be working. They instead look for ways to help the people they manage, and stay industrious.

Get enough sleep- A good manager practices patience. In order to patiently manage the ups and downs of working, you need to get the rest your body needs each night. Between eight and ten hours a night is best.

Eat right and take care of your health- Again, the better your health is, and the better off you are for managing. When you do not feel well, it is easier to get upset and let emotions rule in your management.

Look for the best in others- remember that you want others to see the best in you, and assume the best, so make sure that you do the same for others.

If you can learn to take care of yourself, you will find that managing the company, managing the major and minor problems, keeping customers and employees happy, etc. all comes more naturally. You will be more efficient, and happier during the process. It is like the parent who finds it is far easier to be patient with the needs of their little one when they get plenty of sleep at night. Take care of you, and you will be a better manager as a result.

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