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Using the power of creativity

One of the powers of management is that of allowing employees to use their creativity to improve your work environment. You can find the individual genius in your staff and allow them to apply their creativity to problem solving. It is surprising the number of managers that tamp down their staff's creativity and try to force their staff to stay in this constructed idea box, not allowing them to push limits or exercise creativity. In doing so, it may feel like you are maintaining order, but what you really are doing is inhibiting your ability to ever succeed beyond the confines you have set yourself within. If you really want to see business growth and success, it is important to unleash the power of creativity.

Creativity can promote the energy and excitement of your staff- Have you ever noticed when staff morale is down, productivity seems to suffer? This is not a coincidence. If people are feeling underutilized, or undervalued, their efficiency and productivity often suffer. Allowing people to tap into their creative processes will fill them with a life force, giving them energy and excitement, which often leads to higher levels of productivity, more industrious workforces, and higher levels of efficiency.

Creativity can turn routine tasks into fun adventures- It can be boring to do the same thing day in and day out, even if it is something you really love. Routine tasks start to feel routine after a while. This is not surprising, but allowing employees to use creativity can turn the routine and mundane into the exciting and adventurous. This does not lead to chaos or loss of control, it leads to a happier workforce, and a more satisfied customer.

Creativity will relieve boredom and create enthusiasm- If you have a vision and goals for your company, it is always a good idea to help employees feel enthusiastic about the endeavor. If creativity can do this, why not let it?

Creativity allows you to make richer contributions in the workplace- In other words, when you allow your staff the power of creativity, they take on greater responsibility, and make greater contributions.

As a manager it is important to understand the obstacles that inhibit creativity in the workplace, so you can overcome them.

The inability to free oneself of problems can really inhibit creative juices and stand in the way of employees working through their issues.

Being in a rush can also inhibit creativity because employees don't slow down and consider other approaches. Creative thinking does not thrive in a busy mind.

In order to allow your employees the creativity they need to really excel in the workplace, start by not overburdening them. Keep tasks specific and manageable so as not to overburden the mind. It is important to recognize that sometimes a new way of doing things appears to conflict with existing principles, but in reality, they can be more efficient. It is also important to put a stop to inefficient ways of thinking. If you catch an employee using phrases like, "I am just not creative" then as a manager, it is your job to start working on things like changing the way employees view themselves. Help them to see themselves in a more positive light and it will take a positive effect on your work environment.

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