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Dealing with conflict between employees

We are all human and as such we all have flaws that we are trying to overcome.Surely you can remember a time when you got into an argument or disagreement with someone.Or perhaps you have simply come across another individual that "rubs you the wrong way."There is nothing wrong with not being able to get along with every single person that you cross paths with.However, the problems can definitely become magnified if the person that you are in conflict with is a co-worker.As a manager, surely you can understand how differences between individuals is natural and to be expected.Conflicts will occur.But when those conflicts do not resolve themselves the way that you hope and interfere with business, there are some things that you may have to do in order to deal with the conflict between employees directly.

Individual assessments of job performance

When you first notice that you have employees who are conflicting, your first reaction should not necessarily be to intervene and resolve the conflict yourself.It is not your job as a business manager to make sure that everyone is getting along in the work place.It is your responsibility to assess the contributions of each member of your team.As long as the conflicts that are occurring in your office do not affect job performance, it may be best simply to step aside and allow the two conflicting co-workers to resolve their own differences.Mature adults are able to separate their emotions and relationships from the tasks that they have been hired to perform.Give them the respect and trust that these types of employees need to get themselves out of their own problems.Remember that as a manager you should walk very softly around issues that involve one's personal life or beliefs.

Human Resources meeting to resolve conflict (EPA assistance)

If conflict between employees is affecting their job performance or the job performance of other workers, you may want to ask your Human Resource Department to step in and offer assistance.Those who are trained to work in Human Resource positions are not only better qualified to address issues of personal relationships but they are also a less intimidating party to deal with as they will be able to speak more freely with someone other then their boss or direct supervisor.Some companies even offer Employee Assistance Programs where employees can go to receive free and completely confidential counseling regarding whatever it is that they are struggling with.

Team-building exercises

Sometimes the reason for conflict between employees runs deeper than just two people.Sometimes conflict arises because of disagreements or frustrations with the entire office.Handling conflict (again with Human Resource's help) in a group setting does not put blame or focus on any one individual.No one is singled out, embarrassed, or labeled as the source of the problem.Therefore there is less of a defensive attitude in the air and hopefully everyone can come to a consensus to do what is best for the team.

Physical separation/distance

There will be those rare occasions when even the best programs and counsel cannot resolve a conflict that exists between employees.In cases such as these it may be best to simply give each party physical distance from their offender.If it is possible, transferring one of the employees to another office or at least moving their working spaces farther away from another is the only solution.In many cases the saying "distance makes the heart grow fonder" has some applicability here.When the employees in conflict have time away from each other to contemplate their disagreements, often that time is all that is needed to forgive, move-on and even forget.

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