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How to choose the right new-hire from several qualified applicants

Your company is hiring and there are many qualified applicants. So how are you as a manager to hire the right person for the job? Here we will look at the different areas you need to look at to make sure that your new-hire is a good candidate for your job position. How to choose the right new-hire from several qualified applicants can be done in many ways. Here are some ideas to help you choose the best applicants for the position.

If all your applicants seem to be equally qualified you will need to look beyond their qualifications to do the job. These other types of qualifications would include their behaviors, personality, the way they dress, and their attitude. Your potential new-hires may be qualified equally on paper but when you begin to look deeper one of the candidates may stand out more then the others. This may require more then one interview but to get the best candidate for the job it is well worth the extra time involved.

Let's first take a look at your potential new-hires behavior. They should show up on time if not a little early to the interview. This shows that they value their time and yours. While in the interview do they look you in the eye or down at your feet. Your best applicant will be confident and be able to answer all your questions. During the interview there will not be a lot of mumbling or I don't know answers. The better your potential new-hire answers all your questions the better candidate they will be for the job they are applying for. The potential new-hire should not show fidgety behaviors. This shows their confidence that they are the right hire for your company.

Personality is something else to look for in equally qualified applicants. You will want to hire a person who is confident but not over the top. The potential new-hire should be easy to talk to and well understood. Is the candidate negative or positive in his reactions? What types of personality do you think will fit well with your other employees? Any applicant you are looking at should fit well into the rest of your company. One bad employee can be a catalyst for the rest of your employees. There are personality tests that many companies give to potential hires because it can make a difference in the day to day workplace environment.

The way a person dresses will also show you more about their qualifications for the job position. Even if the position requires the employee to wear a uniform you still want to see the applicant dress nicely. If a candidate dresses sloppily then what's to say they won't work sloppily? They should be well groomed letting you know that they care about this job already.

The attitude of a potential new-hire could also be the difference of who to hire. No work place wants someone with a negative and self-defeating attitude. Positive attitudes go a long way in any job. You also want to look at potential employees that don't mind change. They have an attitude that lets you know they like to learn more. You don't want an employee whose mind is stagnant. New ideas are great for the workplace. If you have a negative person they will not adhere to the changes your company or business may need to make. This could in turn give off a negative influence to other employees.

How to choose the right new-hire from several qualified applicants requires that you look beyond the qualifications to the person. Make sure their behavior, personality, grooming and attitude will all fit into your work place environment. The better qualified they are in those areas the better an applicant they become for your new-hire.

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