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How to encourage employees to work together

groupofcoworkers32012584.jpgOf course it is important for employees to be able to work well and be productive on their own. If employees did not have the ability to work well on their own a business would likely fail. But when many skilled and hard working employees know how to work together then a business can be better than just a good business, it can be a great business. Here are some ways that a business owner or manager can encourage their employees to work together.

Create teams

One way that a business owner or manager can encourage employees to work together is to create teams among the employees. Creating teams can help employees recognize other employees that they can work with on projects.

It is a good idea for the business owner or manager to evaluate the employees to see what strengths they have. Then they can put employees together in an employee team who have different strengths to create a strong group.

Give them a project

Once the business owner or manager has created different groups or teams of employees they should give them a task to work on together. They can work a project, a presentation, a workplace party or get-together, etc. Dividing the employees up in a team and then giving them a project to work on can help employees work together.

Offer guidance

While creating teams and assigning the teams a project can force employees to work together, it definitely does not guarantee that they will work well together. And of course every manager or business owner would prefer that the employees work well together. To help encourage the employees to work well together it might be helpful for the business owner or the manager to offer so guidance.

Perhaps the owner or manager could sit in on one of the employee team meetings. By doing this they will be able to observe how the employees work together and may be able to spot areas of improvement.


Communication is one of the biggest problems areas when a group of employees begins to work together. Putting different kinds of people with different types of skills can be productive, but it can also be hard if the members of the group do not know how to communicate with each other.

A business owner or manager can help encourage employees to communicate better, and therefore work well together, by teaching or reminding the employees of a few basic communication skills.

For example, each member of the group should be allowed to speak. It is very likely that each employee would like to have their ideas heard by the group so they should each be allowed to talk about their ideas. Many people focus on the talking part of communication, but listening is just as important. Each employee needs to take time to really listen to the other employees.


Dealing with conflict is another essential part of working well as an employee team. Employees will have different ideas that they may feel very strongly about. All employees need to learn how to deal with conflict. They should also learn that even though their idea may be a good one, another employee's idea may be better or may get chosen by the group. And sometimes compromising can be a big part of dealing with conflict when working with a group.

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