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How to make lazy employees into hard workers

manrelaxingatdesk30846571.jpg Every business has asked how they can make lazy employees into hard workers.Once in awhile there are workers that just seem to be getting lazy.Most of the time the employees were not lazy when they hired on, but have become lazy with the passing of time. To know how to make lazy employees into hard workers, a business must understand why the employees have become lazy.

So to begin with how have the employees become lazy?Is it in the work they do for the company?Is it in the time they keep for the company?Like always being late.Is it the way they never go the extra mile for the company?Is it the way they use others to get out of the work they are assigned to do?Is it the length of time they take to do assignments and jobs that they need to do for work?Or is it another reason?Any of these reasons are enough to make an employers upset at the laziness of the employees and something needs to change.

How to make employees into hard workers will also take communication with the employees. Talking with employees and understanding their side of the story will help the employers to know what has contributed to the lazy employees and what needs to be done to make them into hard workers.If employers make a lot of adjustments and requirements based on what they see alone, it will not have the desired effect.

When employees are lazy with the work they do for the company, one way to make them into hard workers is to make sure they are working in the right place.Most companies have multiple work places.If an employee has recently been moved to another department or area, they may not like the work or the coworkers.This can effect their motivation and make them appear lazy.

Sometimes the employee hasn't been recently moved, but the work they have been doing has become mundane.Talk to them either way and see if there is some other place for them to be or job for them to do.Many times employees need some sort of challenge.The work will get done better with enthused employees that enjoy what they are doing.The lazy employee has been made into a hard worker.

There are some employees that seem to never go the extra mile.How to make these lazy employees into hard workers can involve showing openly the rewards given to those that do go the extra mile.

When there are employees who see a job that needs to be done and just does it, be appreciative of what has been done.The business has just been saved time and money because of someone's initiative.Let the lazy employee see how much the deed done is appreciated in a company meeting, or at the beginning of the workday.Let all the employees know that there will be undetermined thank you incentives for going the extra mile.The incentive may be anything from a gift certificate to a nearby restaurant or a day at a spa, or even the rest of the day off with pay.

There are employees that will take all the time in the world to do a job that an employer could have done in 30 minutes.How to make this type of lazy employee into a hard worker may take more than simple incentives or job relocation.Employers will have to stay positive with whatever they do so that there are not worse circumstances.If criticism is needed then try to encourage and compliment before telling the employee they need to get the work done faster.Another option for employers to try is to give the employee some choices.This works great for toddlers and adults alike.Give a choice and expect the employee to stay honorable to the choice they made.

Lazy employees can become hard workers.How to make them into hard workers will depend on what they are lazy in doing and what a company has the power to do.Always be positive and give options and choices for the lazy employee to improve him or herself and be made into a hard worker.

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