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How to make SAFE (suitable, acceptable, feasible, enduring) decisions

How to make SAFE (suitable, acceptable, feasible, enduring) decisions in business. Each decision you make where your business is concerns counts. In order for your business decisions to be safe, you need to keep these four main key parts of the SAFE acronym in mind.


Suitable decisions

A suitable decision is one that will meet the needs of each participant where the decision is involved. Therefore if you are looking at making a suitable decision, you will need to look at a couple different areas of a decision.

1. Who does the decision affect?
2. What will the decision result in?
3. What is an acceptable decision?
4. What is expected?

A suitable decision is one that is made with all the areas of that decision covered. Then the decision that is made is one that meets the best interest of all parties involved. That is if the decision can do that. In some cases, there will be someone who does not agree with your decision. Then the suitable decision is the one that best meets the company's needs.

Acceptable decisions

What makes a decision acceptable? This does not mean that all the people involved will be happy to accept the decision you make. However, there are ways to make sure that any decision you make is acceptable.

The way that this works is that each of your decisions needs to be considered acceptable by business standards. These standards are the ones that are followed by businesses worldwide.

If a decision comes up that is something that you cannot determine simply by working on the decision yourself, there are professionals, and other businesses that have dealt with that decision. It is usually easy enough to find some information on what has been the precedence of that decision in the past.

Feasible decisions

A feasible decision is one that makes sense. It is a decision that is capable of being done. Some of the greatest decisions made, end up falling short, because they were not realistically decided on and planned out.

In order for a decision to be feasible, it is necessary to make sure that all of the people involved and the steps of the decision can be followed through with.

Enduring decisions

The decisions we make in business need to be enduring. They need to endure confrontation, questions, and concerns. The reason is that even though you may have the empowerment to make the decisions, those decisions usually affect someone else. Therefore, each party involved with that decision will likely ask questions, have concerns and even may show some confrontation.

So as you are making your business decisions, be prepared to explain why you are deciding the way you are. That way you will be prepared to secure that decision with the people who are working with you.

Sure it is often said that they work for you, so they should just work. However that way of business thinking has been a key factor in the failing of many businesses. The reason is, that confiding in your employees often times build rapport and camaraderie. These are very important building blocks to a good employee.

This is how to make SAFE (suitable, acceptable, feasible and enduring decisions) in business. As you implement these patterns in your decision-making, you will find that there is a higher level of overall success.

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