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How to set clear goals for your employees


Setting clear goals for your employees is the only way to move your business forward in an efficient and quality manor. If the people working for you know exactly what to do and know how much time there is to do it, they will be able to work to the clock and keep your business goals on track. Ingenuity and creativity can take over when employees have a clear road map that they can follow. Many times an employee will become confused and will spend most of his or her time wondering what exactly needs to be accomplished trying to decipher what they are to do. Being able to see the end goal from the beginning will keep the work flow and motivate your employees to work harder for you. Here are some ideas on setting clear goals for your employees.

  1. Have regular department meetings (if a large business) or staff meetings. Sit down with your employees regularly in short increments and go over exactly what is supposed to happen and what has happened. From these meetings leave with a positive attitude.
  2. Know the problems that are arising. Set up a system where your employees can inform you of problems that arise that they are unsure of how to solve. Help them by putting them on the right track. Let them fix the problems. After all, you are paying them to work for you, not vice versa.
  3. Know what needs to happen. Find a broad direction that your company needs to move toward, and then subdivide that into responsibilities. Assign those responsibilities to your departments heads and allow the company to run itself. With your regular meetings that you have, you can track your success by improvements or fall backs the company faces.
  4. Have your employees write out progress reports for each week. Look at them and decide how and where you can make yourself clearer with your employees.

These are just a few ideas of how to go about starting your company on the right track. Making clear goals can happen every day. Each day can be split up into many different goals that many different people will be in charge of to accomplish. As the employer, make a clear goal for yourself to be the most efficient employer possible. Make it a must to be understanding, patient, but definitely not a pushover or a person people can take advantage of. If people in your company look at you as the compass of the company, then they will be more willing to really work for you because they will feel like they are actually accomplishing something.

For example, one large company out of California found out that their thousands of employees that were stuck in offices all day with little jobs to do. They didn't really understand the big picture of the company and thus wasted hundreds of hours a month playing card games, internet games, and other distractions. They figured out that if the employees were met with every so often to track progress, remove solitaire from the computers, and make the goals of the company clear, the employees began to work harder and all of those wasted hours were put back into the company's progress.

Clear goals are just a way of making the future clear. If you have a place you need to get to, the means will work themselves out as you work to get there. Your employees will learn this as your company builds itself and becomes larger and more successful.

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