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Methods used for crisis management

clip71731932.jpgIn any organization, the only method of crisis management that is used to deal with a crisis is a crisis management plan. Being that this is the only method used to handle a variety of crises it is important that you create an excellent crisis management plan.

The crisis management plan that you create for your business is going to be used to ensure that no matter what crisis your business faces your business is still going to be able to continue with its normal operations during the crisis period. Since your business will need to operate as normal as possible during the duration of the crisis it is important that you create the plan ahead of time and prioritize the business functions, the most important business functions should be identified first that way they can be handled first.

Here is a look at the things that every crisis management plan should include.

Number one: Overview
The first section of your crisis management plan is going to need to include an overview of your crisis management plan. In the overview, you are going to want to include information on the plan's mandate. You will also need to include a brief description of the objectives of the plan. You don't need to include much detail in this section because it is an overview, the details will come later on in the plan.

Number two: Description

The second section of the crisis management plan needs to include a description of the structure, which is what is going to be used to support your business through the crisis period. You will also need to include details on the roles and responsibilities of the employees during the crisis period. Any basic operating principles that apply to the crisis management organization also need to be included in this section of the plan so that it is clear to others how the business will be run during the crisis.

Number three: Plan

This is where you are going to detail the actual plan that your business is going to adopt during a crisis. For example, if the power goes out how will you handle customer sales for the duration of the power outage. One option is to have a backup generator, another is to ring up the sales by hand, which will take longer but will be better than sending everybody home. You also need to include any information relating to your budget for implementing the crisis management plan that you have in place.

Number four: Recovery strategies

This section needs to address any recovery strategies that your business has in place, you will want to have recovery strategies in place for all likely failure scenarios. This is going to include critical business functions, external entities, software, and equipment. You should also include any contingency plans that our business has in place in this section.

Number five: Communications strategy
This is where you will need t detail any information related to how specific members of the organizations will talk with each other during the event of a crisis. For example, back up communication devices in case the phone lines go down. This section needs to include information on project members, executives, employees, and external parties.

Just remember that when creating a crisis management plan for your business that different types of crises can affect your business differently. For example, a natural disaster can affect your business differently than a technological crisis because an earthquake can knock out power lines or snow can force the closure of roads leading to your business. A technological crisis can usually be fixed with a few hours, such as a computer crashing or even a server going down.

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