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What to do if two people on your staff do not get along

Your employees won't always get along.There will be one person who doesn't get along with others, two people who just hate each other, or a group that doesn't like another group.It is just human nature to be upset sometimes but there are ways to resolve issues between employees.

Mediation between the two parties is a great idea.It brings in a third person and lets them decide what the other is going to do to resolve the issue or who should apologize and what not.There are several consultants who will mediate between two parties at work.It is probably the best way to resolve issues between a couple people or a small group of people.

Mediation helps the two people communicate.Often arguments come up because people aren't communicating.Even if someone has a different opinion than another person they will usually have respect for the other persons views.

When two people don't get along a work sometimes you will have to step in.Have a meeting between the three of you and try to decide what the problems are, how they came about, and how you are going to compromise and make the workplace a better environment for everyone.Disputes between two people can hurt the whole department.Make sure both sides want to resolve the problem.If they don't then there are other things you can do.

If an employee is having anger issues or refuses to do mediation or talk and resolve the issues, anger management classes may be a good idea.Other self- improvement classes can be helpful as well.Let the employee know that there is no way that you can keep them if they don't get along in the workplace.Even if the person is a very good employee and works hard, if they can't get along with other people there is a limit to how much he can actually do for the company. He won't have unlimited potential.It will stop somewhere.

If two people are arguing about personal matters like religion or family matters, let everyone know that personal issues must be kept out of the office.It is good for employees to talk about other things besides work, but when people are at work, their conversations need to be about work.Everyone must also respect everyone else.Everyone has different opinions and different views on everything.There needs to be a level of respect for other people's views.

Often mediation works when you are trying to get two people to work things out.It will only work though if the two people are willing to work it out and willing to do whatever the mediator asks them to do.Sometimes things can't be resolved between two parties.If it can't be resolved the best thing to do would be to ask them to keep it to themselves and still respect each other.If they can respect each other and still do their job to the best of their abilities then there is a good chance of everything being ok in your company and of you not having to worry about them disturbing or hurting the company.If the two don't want to work it out or can't, it might be good to think about letting them go.

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