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iPad and Autism

Many people have found that purchasing an iPad has helped their child with autism. While there is no cure for autism, an iPad can help autistic people to connect with and communicate better with their world and those around them. The following is a look at how the iPad may be good for someone with Autism.

First it is important to understand that the iPad is only a tool that can be used to connect with someone with autism, just the same way a toy, a puppet, or another electronic device might help. It can help offer insight to parents and care takers on how the person connects with their world. When living with someone with autism it is all about communicating with them on their level, or at least in a way that they will and can embrace. Getting some insight into how their mind works can be very useful.

An iPad helps you better hone in on what a person with autism is thinking. The kinds of applications they enjoy can help you branch out into their life and find hands on learning and tools to get them involved.

iPads can help to handle sensory overload. Many people with autism have meltdowns when they are feeling too stimulated, or are unsure how to handle all of the various sensory things going on around them. An iPad helps to channel the things around them and give them something to focus on.

An iPad lacks peripherals and distractions. This means that a person with autism can use it more readily without the sense of being overwhelmed. This is a huge plus. No keyboard to worry about, or mouse to change batteries on, or untangle. There are fewer components which makes it easier to understand and use.

However, it is important to note that an iPad is not the perfect solution to the problems of autism. It can have negative effects as well. A person with autism may become overly sensitive to any of the problems it has. What if it slows down, an app fails, etc.? This can be irritating to those without autism, so it is important to consider and recognize that this may lead to a far worse meltdown then if they never touched it in the first place.

Tablets in general can help children who suffer with autism, as well as adults. However, so can anything that helps them communicate better with the world around them. Many find that an iPad is just what they needed to better communicate with their loved one with autism, but others have found that there are less expensive and equally effective methods. Give it a try and see if it is right for you. The size makes it easy for them to handle, and the user friendly set up and applications can result in hours of exploration, gaming, and fun for anyone, thos with autism included.

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