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Social bookmarking

Book marking websites is a useful tool to help you easily access and locate sites that you enjoyed, visit frequently, or find as a useful resource or tool. When you apply that to a social network it becomes a very powerful way to save addresses or web page markers on a whole host of subjects, so that when you do a search you gain access to the favorite and best websites available.

Social Book marking has become a very popular, and extremely useful tool. It is similar to file sharing, only instead of sharing the files, you are simply referencing it, or book marking it to a public website. In other words, you tag it with key words on a public site so that others can more easily find and use that resource. The site itself is not put in any kind of folder, just the link to it, tagged as a favorite for a specific topic area.

When using social book marking, it is best to think of tags as you would a file folder. Only instead of a physical file, you are using an electronic one. You are going to use these tags to organize and categorize your favorite sites based on topics. Then your book marked items will be combined with items under the same topic to create valuable electronic file folders full of great information.

Social book marking is useful and provides people with a lot of time saving because it is a group effort. A network of people collect their favorite websites, and book mark them, then categorize them with key word tags, and then put them in a social bookmark site so that they can be shared with others.

How is social book marking better than just book marking? When you book mark something you are saving the address of the site to your computer so that you can visit it in the future. This is great for personal use, but when you use social book marking sites, you are able to capitalize on the efforts of several other people, and use the power of the tool to search for and view a huge number of relevant sites more readily, very simply, and quickly.

A popular social book marking site is Delicious. It is by Yahoo! It is free to join, and it gives you the power to see the most popular book marks for any tag (or in other words topic), save your own, explore what others are tagging, and the like. It is a great tool for keeping track of all of the great stuff available online so that you can locate it again when you need it, and find other relevant information. It is easy to share your book marks, you can access them from anywhere, which is a huge plus because it means you do not have to be on your own computer, and you get to see the best sites or most popular tags.

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