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What's all the buzz about the Nissan Leaf?

There are a number of electric cars on the market that it can be challenging to keep them all straight and to find one that really suits your lifestyle and your budget. The Nissan Leaf may be the ideal solution you are looking for in an electric car as Nissan is offering a family-friendly electric car for a low cost. Starting at $33,750 this electric car really is going to help revolutionize the roads and to start getting other drivers to consider handing in their old gas guzzlers for electric cars that reduce the pollution and preserve the environment.

The Nissan Leaf comes with an 8 year 100,000 mile warranty, which is pretty impressive for any new vehicle. Anyone that views the videos and still images of the Nissan Leaf is going to fall in love with the built-in EV navigation system. It's truly unique and by far one of the coolest features of this electric car.

A number of people are talking about this cool electric car because it's going a step ahead of others and it's being built from a new platform, which means its literally a brand new concept and a brand new car. The Nissan Leaf isn't a redesigned gas guzzler, it's designed in a manner to provide you with the best energy efficient needs possible.

When you get behind the wheel of this bad boy you will see a split level design display. This is pretty common on most newer Nissan vehicles but it's a great way to have your warning lights in their own area where they don't get blurred in with the traditional dials like your speedometer and gas gauge. The fuel gauge on the Nissan Leaf actually provides information about the amount of battery charge that is remaining so you know what your expected range is.

The Nissan Leaf is very sleek and clean when it comes to the overall design of the dash. As a driver, you won't need to reach very far for anything as everything is close and convenient. If you have never been inside an electric car, one of the first things you will notice is how quiet they are. The Nissan Leaf is definitely no exception as it's literally silent. The brakes are wonderful as you can move back and forth from the brakes to the accelerator without that rollback feeling you get in most cars.

If you are a city driver, you want to keep the Nissan Leaf in eco mode. This will offer you stronger acceleration power so you aren't the one slowing down traffic at stoplights. It does have a reserve power box which comes in handy when you are pulling onto the freeway and getting up to 75mph in a hurry.

The Nissan Leaf handles really well for an electric car as it can easily move around obstacle courses without a problem. This is really going to help out on the roads when you have things suddenly come into your lane. The car does have a low center of gravity, so you are able to hug the road more and maneuver the car better.

Most drivers are addicted to their iPods and the Nissan Leaf is filled with plenty of cool gadgets to satisfy everyone. It comes in with built-in iPod and iPhone technology along with full Bluetooth capabilities, climate control that tells you how avoiding the air conditioner will save you gas, and of course the steering wheel tools that make it truly a hands-free vehicle.

The Nissan Leaf is definitely one of the best electric cars to come off the line in awhile. Although the body of the Nissan Leaf isn't all that impressive, the performance of the car is and it's worth a test drive!

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