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Technology that should be taught and used by educators

Educators should use the following tools to improve their teaching as well as their students ability to learn. Kids are learning more and more online now days, and are using the internet as a resource for study, research, etc. If teachers can learn to use tools provided by Google to make their teaching mesh better with their student's online world, they can have a greater impact. Here are a few of the top tools teachers should familiarize themselves with:

Google Tools knowledge
It used to be that Google was just a great search engine, but it is so much more. They offer hundreds of useful tools that can be extremely powerful when used properly. Learning how to use these tools, and what they can do, and putting them to use can really benefit educators in any sector.

Google Earth
While this is one of Google's tools it is a great resource for teachers, and because it is downloadable, it is worth mentioning separate from the other tools. You can use this tool to access a virtual globe, map, geographical information, and more that is all current and up to date. This is going to help kids better connect with the concepts being taught that may seem abstract to them in some ways. It allows educators to give students a look at anywhere on the Earth, Mars, and the Moon. They can go under the ocean, build 3D cities, and so much more. It is not just something that can be used for environmental science or geography classes, but can be put into play in a number of other courses as well.

Wikis are editable webpages or sites that are easy to create and use. They are a fairly new web tool and can extremely useful for teachers as they can have their students use them to post papers, etc. They can be used to create, edit, and review information as a group. They are a collaborative tool that is great in the classroom, especially for group projects.
Teachers can use blogs to post assignments, notes (for kids who miss class), and more. Having regular blog entries can keep kids up to date on what is going on in the classroom, and the variety of widgets and gadgets that can be embedded in a blog can help teachers provide tools and resources to students beyond what is offered in the classroom.

Spreadsheet Skills
Teachers should know how to use spreadsheets and teach students how. They are useful for tracking grades and assignments, but can also be used in projects for tracking or collecting numerical data. Having students use spreadsheets and charts helps them use higher level thinking and critical thinking skills.

The internet is a powerful place, and there is a lot of technology available to students and teachers. Educators should take advantage of it to help students have more opportunity for learning.

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