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Technology skills everyone should master or learn

The following are some of the technology tools and skills that everyone should master or at least become familiar with if they want to make their way through this digital world of ours.

  1. Google Tools Knowledge- Google offers several tools that can make life easier, refine searches, and so much more. Familiarizing yourself with their tools such as maps, search refiners, the tools set up for educators, to create group discussions, and more can help you to more easily sift through the massive amounts of information available via the internet.
  2. Wiki Knowledge- Wikis are basically set up to gather information about a specific topic. You can use them to do research, to organize information, to get stuff from several contributors, etc. You can use existing wikis, or create side wikis using plug ins.
  3. Collaboration and Communication tools- Knowing how to use tools set up for communicating and collaborating around the world is going to help you get more. Skype, Social Media, discussion groups, forums, and the like are all very valuable tools for expanding knowledge.
  4. Blogging Knowledge- The blogosphere is getting bigger everyday and can be used to find useful free information on hundreds and thousands of topics. You can learn how to bake better, build furniture, run an SEO campaign, and more. Learning how to use a blog, how to market one, and how to take advantage of the information on blogs is huge.
  5. Spreadsheets Skills- We still use them, learning basic programs like Microsoft's Excel can make life, and getting jobs, easier.
  6. Social Bookmarking Knowledge- This is when you use a site such as Delicious by Yahoo to book mark your favorite web addresses and tag them. It is done on a public website so you can access other's book marks, and they yours for access to a huge database of the top tags quickly and efficiently.
  7. RSS Feed- This allows you to get the information from all of your favorite sites and blogs all in one place. Learn how to use this and you will save time, have more impact, and more.
  8. Social Networking Knowledge- The use of social media is huge, and learning how to social network, how to use the various applications, and use it to your advantage can make or break a business.
  9. Mobile computing- More and more people are using smart phones, tablets, and other hand held devices to access the internet. Knowing this and how to create mobile friendly applications can greatly impact your business.
  10. Video and Podcasting- People are becoming famous overnight it seems because of a YouTube video or a popular podcast. Learning how to use these in your marketing, how to use videos and podcasts as resources for information, and how they are relevant is an important technological skill to master.

There are tons of other technology skills you should familiarize yourself with, but these are the top ten. Consider also web searching, interactive white boards, IM knowledge, building a site, virtual worlds, and more.

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