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Take underwater pictures with this unique scuba mask

Want to explore the deep blue ocean and take pictures of your events? An underwater camera can be the solution you need to take pictures of your event and share them with others. The problem with using just an underwater camera is that it really limits your hands and your ability to pet sea creatures and spend time exploring. Using a scubas mask with the camera built right in, you will be able to take some great pictures and still enjoy yourself.

The scuba mask camera holds about 4GB of internal storage, which can make it ideal for a long day of scuba diving. Underwater pictures don't always turn out great but with the CVMG-DV31 the pictures you take are incredibly clear. It has a magnetic ring that is the shutter release to make it very easy to take pictures.

When you put on the mask, you will notice how easily it will form a comfortable seal so you don't feel like your eyes are going to be sucked out when you swim around. At the top of the scuba mask you will see the on/off switch for the camera, which is very easy for you to turn off or to have a swimming partner turn it on and off for you.

It's very easy to take pictures as you just need to turn on the camera and then brush the magnetic ring for about one second. When you do this, the scuba mask will vibrate to let you know that It took the picture. If you want to take a video,you just need to brush the ring for 2 seconds and then your scuba mask will vibrate for 2 times in a row to indicate that it is now filming.

The mask is made with high durability tempered glass and also high quality rubber in order to provide you with the best underwater vision that is possible. It comes complete with a snorkel as well to provide you with a certified scuba diving mask.

To purchase this mask you will need to pay about $112 and buy it from ChinaVision. You do have multiple purchasing options for the mask as you can choose from blue, orange, or transparent. In order to get the best pictures, you want to be pretty close to the things you are photographing. The camera is clear but it is only 1 MP so the pictures aren't going to be of the highest quality. If you want truly amazing underwater pictures, you need to consider buying a real underwater camera that is separate from the mask. This can become pretty expensive as the best cameras run upwards of $800.

For family fun scuba adventures, the picture quality is perfect and even the audio quality is great. It will record in MJPEG, which is easy to send to YouTube along with other video sharing sites if you want others to watch your scuba diving excursion.

This underwater scuba diving mask really does make for a lot of entertainment for you and your loved ones on a vacation. Since its reasonably priced, it also makes for a great gift for the scuba diving lovers in your family. If you have kids that are starting to get interested in biology, this is a great gift as long as you can spend some time with them doing some fun scuba diving adventures.

It also comes with a USB cable and wall chargers so you can easily charge the camera and upload the pictures in a hurry so you can post them to some of your favorite web sites.

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