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Useful Google tools

Google has a number of tools available for use to make the internet an easier and more readily available tool. There is so much information available at our fingertips, but sometimes it is hard to use it properly because there is just so much of it.The following are some useful Google tools that help educators, individuals, corporations, etc. use the many facets of the online world to their best advantage.

  • Google for Educators- A helpful tool for educators that allows them to put useful pages together for their students.
  • Google Alerts- To use this you put in a topic, and then Google sends you email updates with the latest relevant results for your topic choice. In other words, you get Google's most relevant information without having to do any searches.
  • Google Books- This is basically an online database of books that you can have access to free of charge. Many are classics that are past the copyright, and thus can be shared without charging fees.

  • Google Bookmarks- This is a social bookmarking service available to help you find the sites best suited to your needs.

  • Google Docs- Companies, families, school groups, etc. all benefit from Google Docs. This is a tool that allows for multiple users to have access to documents for collaboration, although only one can work on it at a time.
  • Google Groups- This is a tool that helps you create private or public discussion groups. This is great for teachers if they want to get students involved in discussions, etc.

  • iGoogle-This is a fun tool to use to get the information you want at your finger tips as soon as you open your browser. This tool allows you to personalize your Google page, with the information you want to see when you log on to the web. This can include your email, social media page, recipes, and more.

  • Google Maps- This is a tool that provides the user with interactive online maps, directions, etc.
  • Google News- This is an up to date stream of news stories that becomes a great resource when you need to search.
  • Googlepedia- This is a tool that allows you to see Google's search results side by side with Wikipedia entries, a useful tool when doing research.
  • Google Squared- This is capitalizing on the idea of creating a square. What this tool does is takes a topic, and then starts a "square" of info, then organizes the facts from around the web.
  • Google Scholar- This is a tool that helps you find scholarly research work. When you search with this tool, it only gives you the information from research work.
  • Google SideWiki- This is like its name, it lets the user put a wiki on the side of a public web page using a plug-in.
  • Google Uncle Sam-This is a tool that only searches US Government sites.
  • Google Videos- This is a tool that allows you to see videos relevant to your search.

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