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The future of gaming, the 360 degree video helmet

It's here, it's really here! Gamers rejoice as the 360 degree video helmet isn't a dream anymore, it's a reality. Here's the deal with the 360 degree video helmet, it's not pretty to look at. The device is great for gaming but it's really nothing more than placing a large helmet on your head and feeling like Darth Vadar.

Toshiba Corp is behind the unique and impressive gaming. It places the user into a new world as you are able to see everything inside the helmet like you are really inside this new reality. You will have a 360 degree view when you are inside, so you have the illusion of really being in this other place. You also synch the helmet to hand gestures so when you are in the helmet, you still get to move around like normal and use your own hands to control everything.

The downside to the 360 degree video helmet is that it weighs in at 6 pounds right now, which is really a lot of weight to be placing on your head and it can lead to strain in your neck muscles. It has infrared sensors inside the helmet, which allows the screen to react when you do. It's a unique way to essentially place yourself inside the video gaming world.

There is a 16 inch screen that is inside the helmet, allowing you to have plenty to see when you are inside. Right now the 360 degree video helmet is a novelty item by Toshiba and they aren't planning to release and sell it to the public.

The purpose of building the helmet is to further technology, specifically the gaming world along with the future of movies. We have already seen what type of road movies are going as most of them are being filmed and released with 3D technology. Providing users with more of an interactive experience is the way just about everyone wants to go. Its making more money for Hollywood and it's really catching on with a lot of people. Now you can actually purchase 3D technology and bring it right into your home, allowing you to have the same type of experience from the theatre inside your home.

Gamers are getting more involved with their video games and while the 360 degree helmet is cool, its not the only thing out there that gamers can start to get excited over. You can actually purchase wireless 3D glasses and start using them on your PC. They work the best on computers but they are able to work with LCD technology and CRT so you should still be able to have an experience no matter what type of computer you are dealing with.

So if you are ready to start having user interactive experiences with your video games, you will want t purchase these glasses for about $149. Even though the cost is pretty high, it will start to come down over time.

Video game manufacturers are starting to develop 3D games and although some of the 2D games were created to make you feel like you were in a 3D world, the new games will really make you feel like part of the action. However the cost of upgrading your television to one with 3D capabilities along with purchasing the glasses for the gaming and the game console may make you think twice about all this 3D technology and if the cost is worth the interactive experience. Since the low end of 3D technology is about $12,000 and up, it's really brining up the gaming world's price tag which may be out of most gamers price budget.

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