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How to encourage employee participation in meetings

businessmeeting33030027.jpg Every business has meetings, and some have a harder time than others getting their employees to participate in the meetings.How to encourage employee participation in meetings so that the meetings are successful can be tricky for some.There are some strategies and approaches that can be used to encourage employee participation in meetings.These strategies and approaches can help the business to improve meetings and business management.

Here are the top 8 strategies and approaches for how to encourage employee participation in meetings.

  1. Make sure they know what will be discussed at the meeting.Be sure to send out notices with an agenda to each and every employee.Don't assume that one employee will tell another.Send out a quick email to give a brief outline of the meeting.This way employees can come prepared.
  2. How to encourage employee participation in meetings is to not have meetings where management does all the talking.If employee's participation is wanted then those that are conducting the meeting need to use the 50/50 rule.The chair of the meeting needs to talk 50 % of the time and let the rest of those in the meeting talk 50 % of the time.
  3. Next approach for how to encourage employee participation in meetings is to be patient.When the meeting chairperson begins the meeting don't rush over the area where employees participation is wanted.Give the employees time to focus their thoughts and get ready to share them in the meeting.The participation will come if there is time for it.
  4. If there are plans or future dealings that need to be discussed then be sure to tell all employees to bring their laptops or notebooks so that what is discussed can be taken with them from the meeting.If the employees are not in the habit of bringing their own, then make sure there is something at the meeting for them to write on.
  5. Many companies will have snacks or refreshments at the meetings.To encourage employees' participation in the meetings, be sure that the refreshments are being given at the right time.The time to disperse may be during or after the meeting.Try both approaches and see what works best for the meetings.Sometimes when meetings are just before lunch giving the refreshment before the meeting can help employees focus on the meeting and not their empty stomachs.
  6. Be open minded in the meetings.This is how to encourage employees to participate in meetings when they are asked for their input. Let the employees know that their advice and opinions will be evaluated and looked at even if the management doesn't like them.By doing this there will be participation in meetings.
  7. Be courteous with the employee's participation.Never let an employee feel bad for the comment made if future participation is wanted in meetings. If employees can give their opinions and advice without feeling foolish then they will be more likely to share again.The participation will come easily and willingly.
  8. After the meeting, how to encourage employee participation is to let the employees know what was discussed and what the outcome was before the next meeting.Send another email after the meeting to let employees know that what was discussed was valid and needed.Also let them know if any decisions have been made regarding what was discussed.Be sure to do this before the next meeting so that employees' do not forget the information.

When businesses want to know how to encourage employee participation in meetings they can look at the 8 strategies and approaches above to help them. These strategies and approaches will allow business to get the most out of the meetings held.They may even cut down on time in the meetings making employee and employer happy.

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