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Remote controlled humans?

We all knew the day would come when we had robots and remote controlled cars but remote controlled humans? Did anyone every think this technology would be created and why would anyone want to create it? If you haven't seen the video for a remote controlled human, take a look as it will give you a little insight into how little control you have over your body when you are wearing the equipment that will control everything.

At first you think the woman is drunk as she is stumbling about and moving left to right in odd manners. However you will see that she has a device on her head and a few others all over her body like on her knees. The man in the video is holding a large remote control that is used to control her movements.

So how does it work? The technology works by using electrical currents to trigger the body to move in different ways. It is called galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS) and it's a good thing to have for people that are becoming elderly and cannot help their muscles to move anymore. The current is delivered to your body behind the ears.

An electrical current will be delivered behind the ear and your body will respond by shifting in this direction. When the current is stronger, your body will pull more toward this side. If you notice the current can become too strong and this is when you will lose your balance and literally trip over your own feet.

The apparatus you need to place on your head looks similar to headphones but it will place your movements in the hands of the person holding the remote, something that can be a dangerous concept. While people are anxious to see how it works and people want to try it, almost everyone wants to know what's the point and where is this type of research taking us.

While you may be hoping for an answer pertaining to medical miracles, guess again because it's being used purely to help drive entertainment. That's right the GVS technology is going to create more interactive and unique games, providing gamers with a sense of heighted perception when they are playing the games and it makes them seem more real.

Although nothing has been talked about pertaining to GVS and gamers, the marketing manager for Manabu Sakurai is still looking into the possibility about gaming and if this is something they will accept or resist. The other option for GVS is to help with flight simulation. It will be able to help with training procedures to offer large-scale simulations in small training booths. This is something that will really help airplane pilots and even astronauts as their training programs will be able to provide them with realistic experiences, which can make them into better pilots.

Here's the other thing with GVS, no one really knows what it can do your brain and your body. Messing with electrical currents and having them control your bodies actions is far from unnatural so it's only skeptical to think that this is going to cause some type of damage down the road if you don't already experience some effects right away.

Remote controlling humans is definitely a new concept but without some type of end game in mind, its really not going to go anywhere. If it does get released, it can be used as a funny gag gift but anything good can also turn into something bad and it won't take long for people to find ways to make this into their new burglar system.

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