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The HPZR 30W reviewed

For quite a few years now we have been hearing the debate loom over LCD TVs and Plasma TVs and which is better. Well we all know that it all comes down to your personal preference along with what you can really afford and what you really need. HP is one company that is looking for ways to make LCD TV's affordable and to offer high quality technology at the same time.

When it comes to shipping for the right LCD TV, a lot of it comes down to the size you want. You can stare at five 42'' TVs that vary in price from $599 on up to $1200. So how do you justify spending $600 more for a brand when you are getting the same size television and really, the same technology? This is where HP is attempting to retrain the way LCD TV shoppers are buying.

The HPZR 30 W is really impressive at first sight. Compared to any other TV it's next to, its color resolution will blow the competitor away. The panel and color gamet makes for a great display for you to choose from. The other thing is that the stand the TV sits on is designed to make it very easy to rotate around and to swivel into position as well.

HP has been leading the way for years with low pricing but great equipment. Their HPZR 30W is no exception as it can pass any test it's up against. It's brightness and contrast are very impressive and superior to any other LCD TV out there.

The other thing that makes it nice to support HP is that they really do try to use a lot of recyclable materials when they are constructing their TVs and other equipment. This means you will be able to purchase a TV and do a little part for going green since about 25 percent of the TV is made with post-consumer recycled resin.

While the HPZR 30W is really ahead of other LCDs, it also comes with the higher price tag to match it. You will end up paying more than $1200 for this TV and with that price and size, it makes you think twice about buying it. Since you can get a 47" TV for the same price, why not go for size versus all the technological features of color and contrast, espically if you really don't care about the little details.

The deal is color really matters to your home. An LCD TV is far superior to have in a home where you have a well-lit room. It can shine in this setting but if you purchase it for a dark room, you will struggle to see it. Darker rooms really need plasma TVs as they perform much better here.

What is the motivation behind your buying decision? Are you opting for the TV to create a home theatre experience? If this is the case, you need to opt for the Plasma TV over the LCD because it offers better viewing angles and it does a better job with reflections if you are in dark rooms. However if you are shopping for a TV that conserves energy, LCD is the way to go. The LCD TVs are much more energy efficient as they consume about 40 percent less energy from plasma TVs.

While the HPZR 30W is getting a number of things right with their new technology and impressive color performance, they have forgotten one major thing, and HDMI port. This means the technology is already dated since you don't have a lot of input connectors, making it challenging to really sync the system with other hardware.

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