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A burglar system with pepper spray?

No one wants to have their home broken into and installing a security system is one of the only ways in which you can prevent anyone from breaking in. Unfortunately you may find that after you spend thousands of dollars to have a security system installed, you have a break in. Why does this happen? Sometimes the people that came to install the security system are actually the ones breaking in. Unfortunately dealing with companies that don't have a good reputation can cost you so you always need to investigate who you are dealing with and who is coming to work on your home.

Why not install a security system on your own that comes with a cool feature to ward off burglars? There are now security systems that come with pepper spray and it will control 2,000 sq. feet to ward off anyone that is trying to get into your home. The Burglar Blaster has pepper spray that not only makes it difficult for the burglar to see, but they won't be able to breathe well as it will irritate their respiratory passages as well.

How much is this unit? The Burglar Blaster only costs about $600 and you can install it on your own in just a few minutes and with minimal effort. When you come home, you will need to use a key switch to turn it off or it will blast you if it thinks you are breaking into your home. It does have a 0-40 time delay so you can hurry and get the key out if you start to unlock the door and realize it's still on. The good thing is it does have a high pitched tone that will beep loudly and it gives you enough time for you to run and turn off the security system.

Hiring a security system company to come out to your home and install their alarms can take a few hours and its not cheap. You will pay a lot to have the system installed and then you also need to pay a monthly fee for the company to monitor your home. If you aren't overly concerned about a break-in but you still want to take some steps forward to give your home a fighting chance the burglar system with pepper spray is definitely right up your alley.

There are of course some preventative steps you can take that will help to keep your home safe from intruders. Here are some things you need to know about common intruders:

  1. Always hire a professional company that does background checks on their workers. If you hire a contract employee to come in and work on your home, you should do a background check on them. A large majority of the people that break in are people that are already familiar with your home as they came to paint your walls, clean your carpets, build your bathrooms, etc.

  2. Never let someone use your restroom. If you have a gardener or someone working on your property never let them inside to use the restroom. They will be able to catch a glimpse of the things you have in your home that may have some value and they will also be able to do something to make their intrusion easier like unlocking the windows.

  3. Keep your property clean. Don't let newspapers and mail pile up as burglars often place things on your door if they suspect you aren't home. If you are out of town have someone come and gather your papers and even shovel your driveway. Don't leave toys on the front lawn as it does signal to burglars that you might have nicer toys like video gaming systems inside.

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