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The Best Apps For 2012

Whether you're an Apple iPhone fan boy (or girl), an Android fanatic, or if you own any other app driven device, take a look at what's considered the best apps of 2012 in no particular order

- The first one we're going to take a look at is called Kick-off. It's a history of football (soccer), detailing stars and amazing games, showing video clips and text to show off the world's greatest sport. This one goes for about $2 and is definitely cheap enough for you to enjoy.
- The second one is called Plague INC, and like the name describes, you're going to work with a plague that you're trying to get to infect the whole world. It's an amazing mix of realistic strategy and terrific simulation. If you're interested in watching the world die in some sort of epidemic, this game is for you. Only .99 for a ton of fun.
- Another big game of 2012 is Angry Birds Space. Yes, Angry Birds has come to outer space, adding all new types of game types and modes. It adds a lot more than you've seen from the original Angry Birds, and you'll experience zero-gravity and light speed levels in this action packed game from Rovio. It's a low .99 and it's definitely worth the cost.
- Another one for the iPhone is called iTranslate voice and it's exactly as it is describes, for only .99 cents you're able to get your voice translated quickly and easily, and very accurately. It yields the most impressive results from any translating program out there, and it's definitely something to look into if you need a translator.
- Another App is called WhatsApp Messenger, and it expands on the SMS texting feature on tons of different platforms such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Nokia phones, and you can quickly switch to exchanging messages then pictures then audio notes to video messages at no cost to other users of the WhatsApp Messenger. It's a deal and it doesn't make you spend any more money than you already have. With WhatsApp, for only .99 cents you'd have a program that will save you a lot of money over a long time.
- Another popular app is called MyCalender Mobile, and for only .99 cents you can have access to a ton of features right at your fingertips. It imports birthdays from your Facebook, and gives you notifications when you need to send your friends that birthday message. Avoid those awkward moments when your friend asks why they remembered your birthday but you didn't remember theirs. This app will continue to add more calendar features as time goes on, and is definitely something to invest that .99 cents in.
- We all know Fruit Ninja, the game where you slice fruits, and now it is only the low price of .99 cents. While this game might seem simple enough, nothing is more satisfying and exciting than slashing through your favorite fruits. If you love simple games you can play whenever you have a spare moment, then Fruit Ninja would be a great addition to your library.
- Another one for the more spiritually inclined, or if you're just interested in the random information that it brings you is the Palm Reading Booth. All you need is a mobile device that has a camera, and the palm reading booth just analyzes that picture, reading your palm most accurately and realistically than other apps, telling you what parts of your hand really mean. The app is only .99 cents and it is scarily accurate.

These apps are the most popular and will make your mobile devices a lot more exciting and complete. There are several thousand other apps that are also amazing, but these are just a few to give you a taste of some of the greatness.

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