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Technology And Kids

Today is a time when technology is in every corner of our society, and the kids that are growing up in today's society no nothing else but the world filled with technology. Most kids in America are familiar with many different types of technology, and a lot of them own at least one. Mobile gaming consoles, other gaming consoles, smart phones, internet phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other types of electronic devices just to name a few. Technology is entering our educational system, and is molding this generation into what you could call the tech generation. There are classes in our schools that teach children how to use the computer, and understand how they work and even program them. Elementary schools usually at least give kids opportunities to use computers to type up papers and a ton of computer labs at schools are open for kids to explore technology, play games and do a multitude of other stuff.

Kids have access to a lot of information out there, and this is probably the biggest reason that is becoming more important in schools today. Technology today can help promote a greater interest in learning, by creating word games, addition, subtraction, multiplication and all the other simple math games and sites like Wikipedia and Google to help them learn and grow. With this huge access to information, it's harder to control what exactly your child is seeing. For parents, technology is something that could link their children with harmful habits and give them insight into things they don't want their child to know about. Thankfully, there are services such as Safesearch on Google, or programs like Netnanny which help ensure that your child doesn't have access to sites that could prove harmful to his learning and growing.

Another problem that parents are having with their children and technology is that children are spending so much time on computers and are not doing what children would normally do to grow and develop as a human being. Especially for boys, they aren't learning how to develop several of their skills and abilities, and aren't learning how to accomplish things, as videogames often replace their accomplishments, and nowadays you'll hear kids say that they are accomplishing tasks such as beating a level on a videogame, or getting to a certain level on an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) instead of doing things like learning how to ride a bike, rock climbing, running, jumping and swimming. Getting kids outside is vital to helping them stay fit!

Another reason that spending so much time on the computer as a child is that you can develop bad habits, and it's shown that spending time on the computer can give you bad eating habits, either developing an addiction to food when you're on the computer, or having you so focused on what you're doing on the computer that you either forget to or don't want to eat. It's important to make sure that your children are having a healthy amount of time on the computer as well, and that they are getting a good amount of sleep, so you should set some sort of computer sleep time. Like 10 o clock to ensure that after that time the child won't have access to the computer and you don't have to mess with computer cables or take the computer and hide it somewhere. Make sure you pull your child away from the computer to eat regularly, and don't allow them to eat when they're on the computer, as this can continue to form bad habits that can mess up their lives in the future.

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