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New Developments In Technology

Technology is ever changing, new things are always going to be developed, and it's good to be on top of all the new developments. Here are some new developments, not just new technology that has came out, but even old technology that is starting to be used in new things, in new ways.

One of these technologies is called QR codes. QR codes have been used in automobile manufacturing for about 15 years, but in the past couple of years have become widespread all over products, fliers, restaurants and stores. This recent trend comes from the ability to take pictures with a picture phone, and the newer ability of being able to easily access the internet from your mobile devices. The technology is simple enough; a small square with a random pattern, but it's a lot more than meets the eye. It can hold up to 7 thousand characters, such as letters, numbers and symbols. That equates to more than 7 pages of writing, which if you think about it, can contain a lot of information, and it doesn't only hold characters.

It can hold simple pictures or logos, and because of this it's becoming more and more used, giving it an advantage over simple barcodes that can hold a tiny amount of characters, and the possibilities are endless, especially in areas where you'll want to save a lot of room, but still provide a lot of information, such as restaurant menus, where you can put nutrition information, ingredients, possibly even recipes or videos showing how the food is prepared. This can give your customers a lot more insight on how your food is prepared, which hopefully is good for your company. If you provide a video, make sure the kitchen is at least clean and that you make sure that you follow all the food safety procedures, because a health inspector happened to view that video, he'd be on you like flies on honey.

It could offer information for an art museum, showing artist and art history, interesting facts and stories about the painting, and what the painting means exactly, which in some cases, it might be helpful to have a full seven pages to explain what a painting is. Another use is that you could stick the code anywhere, such as a newspaper ad or some sort of magazine, and you'll get a lot of attention for your company that way, especially if you managed to get a link in there, as your site will definitely have more interactive content, and probably more information for a potential customer to look at, without taking much space or hurting your marketing department. If you told a marketing department you wanted 7 pages of information to cram on a small products packaging, they would probably want to rip their hair out. However, if you put a tiny little square which leads to the 7 pages of information then you would definitely not put much harm to your marketing department. They could easily stick it somewhere where it wouldn't detract from the aesthetic appeal of the product.

Another technology I'm going to talk about is Swype technology. It's an alternative type of texting, and offers a lot of benefits over the first one. The main idea behind Swype is that you simply swipe, or slide your fingers across the touch screen, instead of having to pushing down your finger or a stylus to repeatedly tap the screen. This saves you a lot of time, considering that a lot of keys that you commonly use together are together on the keyboard. Technology will continue to develop, amazing and astonishing us with its magic like qualities.

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