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Must Have Tech Items For 2012

Technology is changing the world, and if you're lagging behind the technology that is only updating and upgrading faster and innovation growing quicker than it has ever before, then you're going to be left behind. Advances are happening quickly, and there are a few must have tech items that you won't want to miss out on.

1. A big one that is being added to smart phone and other electronic devices is known as Senseye. How it works is it tracks your eyes using a front facing camera. This technology allows you to control the mobile device, or other electronic devices such as computers or laptops, with your eyes. It's not complete control, you'll still have to use other input devices such as a touch screen or a texting keyboard. It's a big innovation that could lead to complete control of your mobile devices with just your eyes, and that could eventually lead to more streamlined and simple devices, making computers and electronic devices easier to use and take around. It also offers new innovationsand offers new ideas for games, scrolling and browsing through websites and other things, and will be a great help. It can be hard to scroll through web pages on a touch screen phone, and it can be bothersome to have a big bar on the right side that is used to do so, and with this technology, it will become a thing of the past.
2. The next technology in this line up of must have tech items for 2012 is the Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display. This new display is flexible and the display is both fully transparent and while you can't bend it or roll it up, it offers a lot of flexibility that can be useful in some situations. It builds on the OLED displays that have advanced the efficiency and Eco-friendliness of displays. Some flexible displays will be seen on the market in the coming year, and they are definitely something to look out for.
3. This next technology isn't as flashy or exciting as the other ones, but it's proving to push memory leaps and bounds, a little microscopic element that can remember different electrical states called a Memristor, giving it a big advantage as it is one of the smallest memory systems, compared to the memory chips that while they are getting increasingly smaller, still are quite a bit bigger than the technology of the Memristor. It's a lot cheaper than flash storage, and it works even when it is off much like its flash storage and hard disk storage counterparts.
4. Another one is one that we have seen before, but is finally seeing some integration into our world. A long time ago, Tesla created wireless power, and demonstrated it to awestruck crowds, and we've all seen lightning and static electricity, all examples of wireless power, but not until today are we seeing some integration such as phone, battery, and mp3 player charging by simply setting the device on a pad, and it will start charging, this means that there are not thousands of different cords to connect, just set it on the plate and watch as the device becomes fully charged. Wireless power is going to move from simply charging electronic devices, and we might see houses being built with no outlets, but just one big coil that can resonate with all the electronic devices in your house, meaning that you no longer have to have power cords trailing across your house, and the cluttering of cords will become a thing of the past.
There are hundreds of new technologies that are going to change our world, and 2012 is going to be a great year.

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