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The New iPad, Should You Buy One?

There have been 3 iPad versions so far -the original, the iPad two and the third that just came out. Most people agreed that the iPad 2 wasn't different enough from the original to be worth the upgrade. The only upgrades were: the iPad 2 is thinner and lighter than the original -the original having a 13.4mm thickness and 680g (WiFi) or 730g (WiFi + 3G) weight, whereas the iPad 2 weighs 601g (WiFi) or 607g (Verizon) or 613g (AT&T) and has a thickness of 8.8mm. Well, here's some exciting news: the iPad 3 is! While it doesn't offer any sort of aesthetic upgrade, or any external upgrade in the slightest, it boasts a huge rework of the innards and more geeky side of the product. It has faster graphics, comes with a camera (which is claimed to be as good as the iPhone 4S, one of the best smartphone cameras available). The newest iPad is also easier on the eyes, with better displayed text and imagery in general. It connects to the internet (and has a faster connection) and is generally a definite upgrade from the original iPad. If you already have the iPad 2, upgrading may be a more difficult choice -what if they come up with an even better version in a year or two, and you want that instead? Whether you should upgrade or not depends on how happy you are with your current one. If you enjoy taking pictures with your iPad but you find the quality frustratingly lacking, the iPad 3 will help. Similarly if you are a gamer you might prefer the superior graphics of the iPad 3. Then again, the iPad 2 already has very good

The nice thing about the iPad 3 of course is its camera. It boasts the ability to take up to 5 megapixel pictures, and it can take excellent video recording with quality sound recording as well. For people who love to take tons of pictures, it's probably a better idea to buy a hundred dollar or less camera that comes with over 10 megapixels, especially if you already own an iPad 1 or an iPad 2. The new camera also comes with facial recognition, autofocus and white balance, and the ability to take 1080p videos. 1080p video is something you would only usually see on video cameras or high quality cameras, and it's amazing that it comes along with your iPad.

The graphics on the iPad 3 are stunning, the iPad 3 offers a quad-core GPU, something that desktop computers sometimes fail to pull off, and the graphics on the screen are stunning. It's a little less sharp than its iPhone 4 counterpart, but it still boasts remarkable sharpness for such a large screen. They offset this little bit of information by stating that the iPad should be held about 15 inches away from you, where the iPhone 4 should be held 10 inches away, and at this length both screens achieve the same sharpness. The new iPad, because of its updated innards, weighs about 60g more than the old iPad, and this change might not be noticeable for people based on first impressions, but when you're holding it up for a long time, you might notice a slight ache in your arm, which can turn into searing pain if you're holding it up all day. That's definitely something to take into account if you're not interested in something that requires a lot of arm muscle.

A new iPad is something you should give some thought in before you buy due to its huge cost, and hopefully this can help you determine if the iPad 3 is worth it.

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