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What Is Swype?

Swype is a solution to a problem many cell phone and smart phone users have today. That problem is slow typing which can be frustrating and annoying at times. Most people can hardly do 10 words a minute, but experienced texters are lucky to do 50 words a minute. Compared to how fast our minds can move, and how fast we can type on a computer, this number falls short of what we want. So, Swype was created, and it addresses that slow texting problem. Swype is similar to what the name implies, and that is that instead of tapping the screen with a stylus or finger, you slide or Swype the stylus across the screen to create words.

The technology has been around for a long time, about 7 or 8 years, but it hasn't seen implementation until recently, for their use in cell phones and tablets. It uses the technology of predictive texting, which predicts what word you're trying to type beforehand before you are even finished typing the entire word. The big advantage to Swype, is that it has expanded an error correcting algorithm, and a more advanced language model to help it predict the user's intended word more easily and quickly. All you have to do is slide your finger or stylus around the screen, and as quickly as you do a word is formed. It addresses the word per minute problem well, handling up to 50 words per minute, giving you a lot faster information inputting which can speed up the long texting process.

Here's an example of how Swype works. I'll use a word very well suited to demonstrate the capabilities of Swype and that word is: Swerve. On a standard QWERTY keyboard you would simply start your finger on S and slide it up to W then right over E and R then lift it up and hit V and come back to hit E again. For the entire word you only had to tap three times, which is half of what you would have had to do for traditional texting. Can you see how much faster this is over traditional texting? It's amazing how far our technology is really coming, and I expect this technology to take off, it's quite possible that a new type of keyboard layout will created for this technology that will work perfectly for its task, as the QWERTY keyboard was actually designed to make sure that commonly used letters weren't next to each other. On top of this the ability to slide over the keys gives you a lot more speed, and the enhanced predictive texting allows you to make slight errors, which can give you even more speed.

Not only does it make your texting faster, it also makes it feel a lot smoother. Your fingers will get less tired from all the repetitive tapping, your phone will probably last a lot longer as the tapping, especially if you are unable to really tap gently, as the phone gets a slight jar or shock from each tap, which could contribute to hardware failure or even break your screen over time. As our text entering technology moves forward and gets faster, the uses of a smart phone or mobile device grow and expand, and if we could start texting as fast as we type, that's one step closer to moving away from computers and towards mobile technology. This technology is becoming preloaded on all sorts of smart phones and tablets, and is starting to be implemented in game consoles, information kiosks, virtual screens, and the uses are spreading even further than that.

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