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Helping Elderly People Use Technology

It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. For this reason a lot of elderly people are resistant to using new technology because they feel like it's unnecessary to their life, and in the UK, there is about 62% of the over 65 population who have never even used the internet, but for some elderly people, new technology is something that can help older people live more independently, and in a lot of ways has been shown to be beneficial to the ones who are willing to try out new technology.

As more people from the baby boomer generation are getting older, our social services and medical services are becoming harder to upkeep. It's hard to give a voice to the millions of seniors who never have the energy or can't walk to simple rallies or conventions, and don't really have any way to communicate with people outside a small phone contact and address list. The use of a computer could bring them up to date with current laws and debates in the political sphere, and gives them a voice in forums and comment sections in news articles. If they want to have a voice in politics, then they should try to learn to use a computer. If you're trying to teach an elderly person to use a computer and the internet, it's nice to show them all the things they might be interested in doing on the computer. Along with the ability to stay up to date and have a voice in politics, you can show them how they can instantly relay messages to their children and grandchildren, through the use of chat or email services, which for most elderly people would be a boon to their infinite letter writing and phone calling, now they can simply sit down and type, but for a lot of elderly people, is something which compared to letter writing, is a lot less personal and friendly. Don't try to argue with their thought in that regard, or tell them that it's strange to think that, but move onto something else they might be interested in on the computer.

You could show them YouTube, but make it a little relevant to them, don't try to show them death metal or rapping music videos, if they are into politics you can show them some political debates captured on YouTube, or if they're into classical music and orchestras, woodwinds and other more traditional instruments, you could show them thousands of concerts and recordings of tons of different beautiful songs. Just show them how YouTube can give them access to a lot of content they could enjoy.

Another thing to show them would be banking sites and government sites. Show them how they can manage their bank account from a few clicks, and how they can look at retirement accounts and especially something that could be useful for them is looking at stocks and bonds, so they can keep up to date with how their money is faring. There are a lot of other things you could show them, like how they can go to big recipe sites, look at reviews and ratings and try a bunch of different foods and drinks, which if they love to cook and learn new recipes, this might reel them in. You might also show them things like Amazon or Ebay, where you can look at products and their reviews and specifications, all the information you need, all on the web.

As long as you keep in mind what things elderly people might be interested in on the internet, you should find that they'll be happy to try it out and you might be helping them live their lives a little more independently. Remember not to get frustrated, as it is hard to teach a dog new tricks.

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