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Why ISO Certification Is Great For Business

More and more companies are finding that ISO Certification will help their business look efficient and up to date. This certification shows that the company is practicing the best production and managerial techniques, decreasing waste and using Eco-friendly materials and produces goods that meet international safety and quality standards. With this certification, you can be sure that when you're going to ship off your products to a global market, you don't have to worry about catering to each country's specific codes and procedures, because the ISO ensures you're following them all.

In Greek, ISO means 'equal' and is also a perfect acronym for the title International Organization for Standardization, and was created to ensure that across the world the acronym would remain the same, because countries had created their own acronyms based on the translation of the company, creating tons of different acronyms that were confusing and made the company seem unorganized.

It's important to have a standardization for the whole world, because air shipping has provided us with a huge global market, and it's important that we make sure that governments are happy. The ISO is based in Switzerland, but has members in 157 nations, each nation having one member, not an individual but either a governmental or private organization, and each member has one vote they can exercise.

The ISO is a NGO or non-governmental organization and doesn't regulate the laws or set them up. It only proposes the standards and it is up to the member country to decide whether or not they implement those standards, taking what parts they want to use or nothing at all. This way, it seems less like a huge trade organization where countries have to abide by the rules or they'll be out of the loop, but something where member countries will benefit from implementing those standards, but if they don't they'll still be able to trade and grow as a country. The members in the ISO meet several times a year for meetings to decide and discuss current procedures and methods, and also keep in touch through email and phones.

The ISO was created to ensure that problems and disasters like the explosions in several British armament factories, and the need for more efficient and quick production. Today it has grown into much more than just ensuring the safety of our facilities and here are a few of the things it helps us in:
- They help to provide a standard guide for a company's manufacturing of products
- They make the manufacture of products more efficient and safe
- They promote fair and efficient trading between member countries
- They help developing countries learn the best production methods with the newest technologies and management practices, and give them a foothold in the international market, and cut down on manufacturing costs and waste.
- They give consumers peace of mind when they think about purchasing a product from developing countries like the Philippines or Mexico
- More environmentally friendly manufacturing methods are going to be followed
- It creates a bar that companies have to reach in the quality of products and services, as well as safety rules and regulations giving consumers an assurance that the products are hitting that bar.
- It benefits businesses by ensuring that they are offering and developing products and services that will be able to find markets on the international level by meeting the international specifications required for international trade.

The ISO standards benefit businesses in developing countries even more, as they can know what they need to aim for to compete in the global market, with the help of all other member organizations in giving them everything they need to do so.

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