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Staying In Touch With Loved Ones With Technology

Technology these days can sometimes be considered a bad thing, using up natural resources to function and making things a little too easy.There is one thing that can be said for it, though -it makes communicating with the ones you love easy.If you're an exchange student from China in the United States, you can still talk to you parents every day, face to face with audio/video technologies.If you're simply greeting a grandparent or loved one a few hours away, sending off a quick email works well too, and it's less time-consuming.Really, there is an option for every situation.You can even chat with a friend throughout the day while you're at work, in school or whatever else.

If communicating with technology seems a little too impersonal to you, consider this: it's more personal than nothing!If through the computer is the only way you're able to talk to someone; at least you're talking to them.As taboo as it can be, relationships over the computer are pretty easily made.Words are impressive that way -they convey so much with their many different combinations of letters, marks on a page.Of course the way everyone speaks is personalized, so even reading the text typed by them can help you get to know them.You can still tell whether they are kind, what they love, everything you talk about.Skype and other video chat programs allow you to hear their voice, see their expressions and have a conversation basically the way you would in person.It still lacks in touch, but sometimes words are pretty good at expressing the affection of a hug or kiss.The web is a source of photos, music and lots of other emotion-evoking things too.Sharing these from person to person can also help create bonding.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about communicating through technology is the distance it can cover.From America to New Zealand and beyond, their voice, their text and their faces are available.People you would never get a chance to meet or family and friends that you have to go away from are open for communication, despite the thousands of miles between you -and that is a beautiful thing.Facebook is maybe one of the best things for this, allowing you to post pictures of what you are doing and where you are.This can help family and friends feel closer to you, along with the text chat and video chat included.You can also read frequent status updates to hear what they are up to during their day-to-day activities -from across the planet.

You can also store things for yourself, like journals or pictures that your prosperity can look on later in life.Prom pictures, wedding pictures, goofy day out pictures, can all be shared with the fun things like Skype and other programs. There are a few nice things about storing your journal entrees online, for instance, most people check their emails a lot.If you write your entrees in emails, send them to yourself and store them you will find it easier to remember to write when you are online. They also will not burn, fade with age or anything else, and they're always available on the web.Blogs are also a handy alternative, a storage place for random thoughts, event documentation and pictures from life events.

As you can see, there are many uses on the computer for family bonding, and keeping in touch.Missing someone?Look them up and renew your friendship.You can even plan to meet up via the web, send wedding invites, etc.The possibilities are endless!

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