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Act like a real spy with the DV34 wireless inspection camera

Do you have kids that love to play spy games? If you like to play along, why not use some of the coolest technology out there that allows you to get in touch with your inner child? The DV34 wireless inspection camera gives you a chance to act like a spy with the unique flexible shaft. You will get a chance to move around the wireless spy camera all around so it can get into hard to reach locations.

Not only is this camera sure to make you the fun parent to play with, it also comes with a lot of help when you are working on your car and other areas that are really challenging to see. You can maneuver the flexible shaft all around and place it intricately within the engine in order to see how difficult it will be for you to get to a specific part of the engine. It's a great way to hopefully prevent yourself from needing to hire an auto mechanic to do something that you can easily handle on your own.

The DV34 wireless inspection camera is also great when you are wiring your home or when you need to see on the other side of a wall. Use the camera to check out the area for you so you won't need to tear down an entire wall to fix a small problem.

What makes the camera great is that it does come with 2 LED lights that help to light up dark locations and make it easy for you to see where you are going. The flexible shaft makes the camera very easy to move around to get it into the right position in order to take pictures. It comes with a removable color LCD monitor, which helps you to see what the camera sees. The LCD monitor is very clear so it really is easy for you to see everything without needing to squint or to have problems of any kind.Not only does the monitor help you to see everything, it also has DVR capabilities so you can review the information later. You can use a Micro SD card to save all of the information to the card where you will be able to access it on demand.

The other features of the DV34 include magnetic tips, which can help you out if you have dropped a screw or washer in a hard to reach area. This is great when you are working on a car and you need to have access to hard to reach areas. Having a camera that allows you to actually see inside these small tiny spaces will really save you money and make the entire process a lot easier.

The wireless monitor of the DV34 inspection camera make it a lot easier for you as you don't need to have it all hooked in together to make it work correctly. You can take a step back and review the monitor to see what is going on while another person maneuvers the camera all around.

Don't have the money to pay for a home video camera system? If you are concerned about keeping your home safe, you can use the DV34 to record everything that goes on at your front door. Since it will record it to a DVR, you can watch the information and rerecord over it once you see that there aren't problems.

If you are ready to look like a spy and you want to own a DV34 of your own, how much will it cost? You can purchase it from ChinaVision for about $175.

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