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New toys for your inner geek, the digital slingshot

Are you the type of person that has an inner geek?Are you all about the toys and the new up and coming items that come out with the latest and greatest technology?If you are one of those people, there is a new toy that is going to work perfect for you and your inner geek, the digital slingshot.It looks like the standard slingshot, but has a twist to it.The twist will keep you busy and ready to go out and use it all the time.Be careful who you share this new toy with; it does stand a chance to get you into trouble.

The digital slingshot looks like the classic slingshot.The classic slingshot was made out of wood.The wood was in the shape of a "Y" with a sling attached to it.In the sling there was a pocket for you to place a small round object.Many times the object that was used was a small rock or marble.The small rock or marble was placed into the sling, you held the rock or marble and sling together, and pulled tight.The "Y" shaped wood handle would be placed in one hand in front of your body, while the sling was placed behind the wood handle pulled tight.You aim where you want your rock or marble to go, and let go.Your rock or small round object would then go sailing to where you aimed it at.Needless to say, lots of windows were broken with the classic slingshot.

The digital slingshot is the same, except you do not have to use a small round object that could break anything or hurt someone.Instead, you will be throwing a digital message onto a surface, such as a wall.There is a keypad on the front of the digital slingshot that looks a lot like a phone has.You have numbers and letters that you can use to put your message into the digital slingshot.When you have the message entered that you want o use, you pull the sling tight like you would with the classic slingshot, aim to where you want your message to be sent and let go.Your message will appear on the side of the building you just aimed at.

There is a small projector that is inside of the digital slingshot that handles the imagery that you have placed on the building.It is equipped with the Arduino, a laser that interacts with the projector in the digital slingshot.So when you take your aim, wherever you are aiming, your image will appear.If you aim somewhere that doesn't have a good surface, your message will still appear there.Be careful where you aim.

If you do end up purchasing yourself or someone you know the digital slingshot, be careful with it.You will display messages on buildings or in buildings.Don't forget these are public places that people go to.Although the message will eventually go away, the words and phrases you say could be damaging to you or someone else.Don't place yourself in a legal situation with the digital slingshot.Use it with care and take the proper precautions when using it.When you are putting a message on a wall, you are in essence doing what we call graffiti.You are putting your message on a wall, but you are still using public property to display your image.Get permission from the owner of the building or use the digital slingshot in the privacy of your home.Don't let your digital slingshot end up in the wrong hands.

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