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Look cool on the streets driving the Bat-pod

Are you looking for something new and exciting to drive on the streets?Do you have that little bit of extra money you want to spend on yourself?Are you a fan of Batman and the movie The Dark Knight?The Bat-pod is the motorcycle type vehicle that Batman uses on the show to chase after the bad villains.Spend your money and look cool on the streets driving the Bat-pod around your home town and neighborhood.After some work and some changes, the Bat-pod has been made into a street bike for you to purchase and drive.

Mainly seen in the Mountain View, California area, the Bat-pod has been changed a bit.The previous Bat-pod was designed more like a dragster bike.A dragster bike can be hard for the average person to handle; you would need some training to make sure you were safe while using it.Dragster type motorcycles have been made to race a distance very fast with a great force of power.Now that the Bat-pod has been changed to handle like a motorcycle, so if you have a motorcycle license, go test drive or purchase your Bat-pod today.From the minute you get on the Bat-pod you will want to take one home.
If you are serious about purchasing a Bat-pod, you can usually find one around $100,000.When you purchase the Bat-pod, they will send it to you by shipping it to your home.When they ship the Bat-pod to your home, one chain will be removed from the Bat-pod so it will not be ride able.This is for the safety to you and to the people shipping and delivering your Bat-pod.When your Bat-pod arrives at your home, you will be able to apply the chain back to the Bat-pod and you will be able to ride it.
When you received your Bat-pod and you are ready to take it for a drive, use some caution.This bike is different, although very similar to a normal road bike.Be patient with the Bat-pod.Take it to a location where you can drive it slowly and take your time getting the feel of the Bat-pod.The more comfortable you are, the safer you and your Bat-pod will be.You just spent a huge amount of money on your Bat-pod, don't ruin it on your first ride.
Once you take the Bat-pod on the street, you will have to take the proper precautions and drive defensively.The reason for this, many people are going to see you and your Bat-pod on the road.They will stop to look and stare at you and your Bat-pod.When this happens, the traffic will become backed up and accidents may happen.Be sure to protect yourself and watch what other people are doing or not doing.
It is always smart to wear the proper gear when you are on a motorcycle.With the Bat-pod still being a little different, but very similar to a road bike, you still need the protection if you are involved in an accident.Make sure to wear a helmet, long pants, good leather shoes or boots, a jacket and gloves for your hands.It may be hard to wear these items if you live in an area that experiences high heat, but these factors have been made and put in place to protect your and your body.Do the right thing by keeping yourself safe.The Bat-pod has not been made to have passengers with you, but if you do decide to take a passenger, make sure your passenger protects themselves in the same ways.

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