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Give the gift of a mutewatch

santawithlaptop30399706.jpgDo you have a great gift in mind for the technology lovers on your list? If you aren't sure what to give this year, look into a futuristic watch like the mute watch. This is a watch without a face, which is already getting a lot of attention and interest.

What makes the mutewatch different is that it is essential a vibrating wristwatch. It is a watch but you have the ability to set alarms and they will vibrate on your wrist, which helps you to remember appointments and other things.

While the screen is blank and you cannot see anything, it will activate when you touch it. This makes the mutewatch very unique and makes it very impressive to users. Because it is blank most of the time, you will be able to make the battery on the watch last much longer.

The Mutewatch has the vibrating alarm which can be switched off by pinching the two sides of the watch. The other great part about this watch is that you can actually buy it! You will be placed on a pre-order list but it's one of the new technology gadgets that is actually available for purchase.

When you sign up to purchase the mutewatch, it will cost you about $260. You can choose between three different colors that are currently available, Charcoal Grey, White, and Red. For anyone that signs up early for the watch, you will be given a discount on the final purchase price for doing so.

The main functions of the mutewatch include a clock and alarm. To activate the features, simply swipe your fingers across the screen in order to get it to appear.If you accidently set an alarm, you can erase it just by pinching the two sides of the watch and then you can reset it.

Like the iPod and other unique technology toys, you don't need to buy batteries to keep it running. The mutewatch comes with a USB port where you can plug it right into your computer to charge it. You can also purchase a compatible charger for the mutewatch in order to have it charge the watch.

Right now limited information is being released about the mutewatch in order to "wow" customers when it is finally released to the public. You can sign up for release date information and more information about the mutewatch on Facebook and Twitter.

Since the Mutewatch company is trying to keep everything a secret, there is no official date as to when the mutewatch is going to be released. If you sign up for the watch, you will receive newsletters and an expected time frame for when you can have the watch on your wrist.

If you want to wait for another unique watch, keep your eyes on The Cube by Matthias Zschaler. This watch is truly unique as it brings together the geometry you learned about in school and places it on your wrist. The Cube is essentially a cube watch that will sit on your wrist. It's like have 3D on your wrist and it comes in a variety of colors like pink, green, yellow, and blue. The 3D watch is large enough to read as the numbers are split in the middle of the cube so you can easily see it without any problems when it's on your wrist. There is no price on this unique watch and we are still waiting on a release date for this unique item.

The Cube and the mutewatch are two new watches that are definitely unique and will make for wonderful holiday gifts or just a thinking of you gift.

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