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Get ready for 2015 and fuel celled cars

car67938962.jpgThe economy is struggling, the work force is struggling and so is the environment.How can we improve those three items?We can start by purchasing products that are made in America for Americans to increase the profit the economy.That will then roll over to the amount of jobs we will need to hire for.The American based companies will continue to grow the more we purchase products made in America.How do we improve the environment?That is a choice each person has to make.Some families have started to recycle more; others have planted trees and their own vegetable gardens, while others have focused on different cars they can purchase.It is estimated that within the next 5 years, we will all be able to purchase an environmental friends vehicle.

Purchasing a new vehicle is a big step for many Americans to make.With today's economy, many Americans are looking at investing in vehicles that are going to last a long time and they are going to get their money out of.If you are one of those Americans considering investing into a new vehicle, now is the time to consider waiting for a vehicle such as the fuel celled car.If the US Department of Energy can find the source of hydrogen at a price we can afford, this type of car may be for you.

Ford, Toyota, Daimler, Honda and even GM made the commitment to producing the hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles that will help the environment and will cost the American a small amount of money.Part of the commitment was to have the fuel celled cars ready and in operation by 2015.Some car makers are committed to have these fuel cell cars ready and available in 2014.If they were to market the fuel celled vehicles today, not very many Americans would be able to afford the car.Let alone be able to find the hydrogen fuel to make the fuel celled car run.

Previously the State of California and the US Department of Energy made statements that would spend the billions of dollars and spend the large amount of time to create hydrogen-refueling infrastructures.Recently the State of California and the US Department of Energy have changed their minds.They are both now wavering on their previous statement and commitments.Creating the fuel cell vehicle is the easy part, but building infrastructures without the fuel is near impossible.This is now creating a stir within the auto industry.Auto makers have been talking about turning their focus towards other countries for help, such as Germany and Japan.

So will the miracle of fuel celled cars really happen in 2015? Industry analysts are saying "No".They do not expect to see the fuel celled cards until 2020.The reason for this, the lack of fuel for the fuel celled cars and more and more Americans are looking into and investing into plug-in cars.Plug-in cars are becoming more common on the roads.Having that many Americans invest in the plug-in cars will bring a slow down to the fuel celled cars.Americans are spending the money on the plug-in cars.Many are enjoying have their cars and are not planning on replacing their plug-in cars with a fuel celled cars.That can hurt the chance of fuel celled cars chance to work and help the economy and the car makers.

With hope on the horizon for the car makers, will the hydrogen we need be found and be affordable?We know the economy and the environment needs it.If you are in the market for a new car, take some time to do some research about a fuel celled vehicle.You may find that waiting a few years is the option you want to take.

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