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How can Avatars can help your company

clip71731932.jpgOwning your own business as its own stresses, you have to make sure that your employees are happy, you have health benefits and you are making enough money to pay for your company as well as your employees.A great strength your business can have as a marketing tool is a website.Included on your website is an icon called an Avatar.An Avatar is an option that you can have available on your website to help with any questions your client or customer may have or even if your client or customer seems to be lost, the Avatar will be able to recognize this and offer help.

There are many different programs that offer this service to you.One software service is CodeBay.The software that CodeBay has setup is a cartoon character or avatar that you can add to your website.You will be able to setup the cartoon character of your choice and you will also be able to tell the cartoon character exactly what you want it to do.When you set your cartoon character up, as the creator you will want to place it in positions that will be accessible, but you won't want it to be a nuisance and over accessible on its own.

For example, you have your website up and running and have had some complaints about not finding the right information or asking to be linked to another item your customer may like.Using the software that was created by CodeBay, you will be able to have that.The cartoon character you have created will track your customer's progress.When your customer clicks on one of your items to view, your cartoon character can come into view saying that if you like this item, you may like this other item as well.You will also be able to have your cartoon character in the background to help your customer.If you customer has clicked on an item and wants more information, they will be able to click onto your cartoon character and ask the question.Your cartoon character will be able to answer the question and your customer will be able to continue to shop.

Finding the software that works best for you and your website is up to you.Take the time to do your research and find the correct avatar for your website.An avatar doesn't always need to be a type of character to show up and ask questions.You can also have links that can be available for your customers to use.As they browse around your website you can add links and comments for your customers to click on and find more information about a certain product.For example, if you are a clothing company you can add these types of links.One of your customers is looking at a short sleeve green shirt.When they click on the shirt to view a description about the shirt, they will have links and pictures of other shirts that they may like.Having options such as these links may help you sell more of your product.

As you start to do your research, look into the price and the cost of purchase avatar software will benefit you and your company.Many times it will more than it won't.Having an avatar product on your website will help sell your product and your business and bring in a more beneficial amount of profit.As a company, your goal is to bring your product to the public and offer them what they need.Part of your goal is to bring in money and make a profit.

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