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High tech gadgets parents will want to own

manwithremote19190058.jpgIt may surprise you to learn that parenting has gone high tech. There are several different high tech gadgets on the market that can make parenting a little easier. Here is some of the most popular high tech gadgets that parents will want to own-

  • Home security camera-This type of camera can be a great way to watch older children, when they are outside playing. They can also add the security of your home because they allow you to see anyone who is approaching your home. Home security cameras can easily be installed within your home. Some of the wireless models even allow you to use your iPhone to check on your kids through a home wireless network.Many people install this type of camera as an additional method of monitoring nanny's or baby sitters, hence the Nanny cam. Keep in mind that if you do decide to use this gadget for that purpose some states require you to inform the nanny that you are recording him or her, if you decide to turn the audio on. Because of this it is important to do your research, before you use the camera for this purpose.
  • Rear facing cameras on SUV-Even with all of the media attention, on rollover accidents, many parents forget that this is real danger to their children. If you drive a high profile vehicle, you may want to consider installing one of these cameras. In addition, to making sure that there are not kids behind you, the rearview sensors make sure that there is nothing else (car or any other object), blocking your path.
  • Night lights-There is a whole new generation of night lights, for a whole new generation of kids. Best of all these night lights work even when the power goes out, so you don't have to worry about checking on your kids. These night lights include features like: automatic settings so that they go when it gets dark and go off when it gets light, motion activated sensors, and features that will keep the lights even if the power fails. These new high-tech night lights can let parents sleep with a sense of security.
  • Baby monitor-Gone are the days of baby monitors that were only audio, and they often picked up your neighbor's phone conversations. Today's baby monitors can include a variety of features. These features include: the ability to connect with the internet, high definition pictures, sensors for movement and vision at night, and even a thermometer for the nursery. If you really want a baby monitor, that is truly high-tech, then you may want to get an internet video camera that is Ethernet-ready.You can then hook it up to your home network. This solves the problem of getting a clear connection.
  • Personal GPS tracker-For added piece of mind, parents can now get a personal GPS tracker, so that they can know where their child is at any time. When these are activated a parent can track down a child using the internet. You can get these trackers embedded into phones or use one that is tiny enough to put in your child's backpack, or pocket. Many parents also choose to place into the car their teenager is driving, in order to determine where the car is being driven.
  • Internet trackers-These are programs that can be placed on your computer, to monitor where your child is surfing the web. If your child enters a site that you don't approve of, you will be notified through an email or text. You can then take the appropriate action.
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