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Skype launching new music service


Skype is taking their love affair with their customers to another level and they are now providing additional services like music services. If you are ready to see windows get a run for its money with their Windows Media Player radio software, Skype is definitely the company to do it.

The Skype Technologies music subscription services provide users to access to over $5 million songs a month for $4.99 to $9.99 a month. Users can enjoy listening to their favorite tunes all day long no matter where they may be as long as they are hooked into Skype.

The device you are using will impact the cost along with availability of songs. Research in Motion's Blackberry and the iPhone are getting a lot of attention and catering done to them by Skype but other cell phones will also be able to get this royal treatment soon as Skype focuses on working out the kinks and getting the software compatible to other devices.

In a market that is completely run by iTunes and windows, Skype is trying to come up with a unique idea and approach to the way in which they are offering music subscriptions. The download world is incredibly popular and customers want to be able to sync multiple devices and have it available through their network.

The biggest hurdle Skype is going to face doesn't include the existing subscription services like Rhapsody, it's going to come from what lies ahead. Apple and Google are both developing similar programs, which are designed to squash the competition.

So what makes the Skype radio service so unique? For one, it has a cool name, Rdio. Which is a play on words from radio and audio. The mucic service is more than just a place to go and listen to your favorite tunes, you can log into your Skype account and review your friends music. You can review your music as well and let people know what you like and don't like. Having an eye on your friends listening preferences may introduce you to some new music that is out there.

Rdio is going to be completely different and unique compared to the other music subscription services and with the support and financial backing of Skype, it won't be a big challenge to get the service to stand out and look absolutely amazing and wow customers.

Rdio is just one more service you can expect to see from the rapidly-growing company, Skype. The digital music market is a very profitable one, bringing in annual revenue worth $1.87 billion. With subscription services making up about $209 million a year, Skype is projected to increase this number and to take a large profit for doing so.

There are so many rising technologies out there that you really want to keep your eye on the ones that have made a dent. Skype was originally created in 2003 and it has been paired with eBay and other companies to bring in billions of dollars for the "mother ship." Investors that are hungry for a big profit really need to watch what Skype is doing and get in on the action of Rdio before it's too late.

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