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Why extreme bikers need LiveRider

bikerace19288371.jpgAre you involved in the extreme bikers within your community?Or do you ride by yourself, but you are still considered an extreme biker?Being an extreme biker can be very dangerous, but can also be very rewarding.There are many different places that you will take your bike and your bike rides at.This will give you the opportunity to see different areas around your community and other communities.Along with being an extreme biker, have you ever considered tracking how much time you spend riding and how far you ride each day?There are many different types of mounting systems that you can purchase to track your progress with each ride you take.But do you have the most current up to date mounting system that tracks your progress?

The LiveRider is the first wireless cycling computer that has become available for you to use on your bike during any type of ride you take.You can use it if you are and extreme biker that loves to take adventure in the mountainous terrains or if you are on extreme biker on the road.The LiveRider is a mounting system that you can place on your bike and is used with the iPhone and iPod touch.The single permanently sealed sensor unit can be mounted on the frame of your bike near the rear wheel.This sensor will measure the speed of the bike and the pedal cadence.This information will be sent to a receiving unit that is attached to a 30 pin connector on your iPhone.Your iPhone will be accessible thru a secure and sleek aerodynamic, shock absorbing handlebar mounted cradle.This cradle will protect your iPhone from the vibrations and debris that may come off your bike during your ride.You will also be able to remove your iPhone at anytime.The convenience of the front mount will allow you to see how far you have ridden and how quickly.

Having LiveRider is only your first step to tracking your bike rides.Once you have LiveRider and you have installed it on your bike and your iPhone, you are ready to go.As you start your extreme bike ride, you will be able to view your iPhone or iPad with a high resolution touch screen.You will also have a GPS feature that will show you your current location and will track where you have gone and where you are going.With each ride you take, your information will be recorded and saved in detail on your iPhone or iPad.You can view this information at anytime and your can export through email to any spreadsheet or document.This will help you track your progress in many different ways.

Having the LiveRider can be great for different bike adventures you take or for different races you may be training for.If you are training for a bike race, the information you record can be crucial to you.As you start to train, you can track your progress and set different goals for you to meet.As you meet your goals on your LiveRider you will know that you are improving and you will be ready for your next race.

Don't stay behind on technology for your extreme biking adventures.Purchase a LiveRider to set up your next adventure.With the GPS that is included on your iPhone and iPad, your adventures are never ending.The GPS can take you anywhere in any state.Imagine the different places you can see on your bike.Don't waste time, get a LiveRider today to keep track of where you have been and where you are going.

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