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Best scanners on the market

With so many different scanners on the market today is can be quite overwhelming trying to find one that meets your needs.Finding the best scanners on the market today can be an added asset to any business.The key to finding the best scanners is understanding what each one is capable of, and what your needs as a business are.We will take a look at what you should look for in a scanner and some of the best scanners on the market today.

What to look for when buying a scanner
There are some fairly specific things you want to look for when looking at scanners.

  1. Optical Resolution.Optical Resolution is a measure of the number of pixels per inch.The greater the number of pixels per inch the better the resolution or image quality.300 dpi is a good resolution for the average user, but if you're looking to use the scanner for more than every day use, then you'll want to look for something much higher.

  2. Software.Whenever you purchase a scanner you're also paying for the software that comes with it, much like when you purchase a computer, or camera, etc.Usually the software that is sold with the scanner is just a basic image editing software program.If you are looking for something to create other effects then you will have to upgrade to a full version of what you bought.

  3. Bit Depth.Every pixel that an image scanner can remember is known as bit depth.The higher the bit depth, the better quality image you will get.A bit depth of 24 will usually be suffice for document and web graphics.

  4. Speed.The amount of time you wait for the image to scan and reach your computer is the speed.Each scanner is different and it usually depends on how many dpi resolutions you get with the scanner.An adequate wait time for the average scanner is about thirty seconds.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in a scanner let's take a look at some of the best scanners on the market.

Basic Flatbed Scanner:The Epson Perfection V100 has received the best review when it comes to your basic flatbed scanner.It is low cost and used mainly for text, photos, slides, and negatives.While it may not be the fastest flatbed scanner out there, it has high resolution along with a 48 bit color depth so it yields great results.It has very basic features, is extremely user friendly and comes compatible for both Mac and PC computers.

Multipurpose scanners:The scanner that received the best review as a multipurpose scanner was the Canon canoScan 8600F.It will scan photos, slide, and film negatives fairly well and the quality and clarity are good.If photos are your hobby then this scanner will work great for you.It is PC and Mac compatible and is also less expensive than the competing brand.

Document Scanner:If you are looking for a scanner just for document scanning then the Fujitsu Scan Snap S500 received top rated reviews for businesses that require a lot of volume in document scanning.It has 18 page per minute scan speeds and can scan both sides of the page at once.It is not however for scanning photos or slides.

There are many scanners on the market today and finding the right one for your needs may take some shopping around.The best scanners on the market will be the best scanner that meets your needs, so consider carefully what you will be using it for and then happy shopping.

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