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Things to consider before buying a memory card

If you are thinking about buying a digital camera, or you already own one, then you will need to tackle the issue of buying a memory card. One of the most common questions that people often have is wondering about what size of memory card, they need to buy. The size of the memory card you will need is affected by many different things including: the type of pictures you will be taking, how many pictures you will be taking and what style of photography you like to do. Here are some things to consider before buying a memory card-

  • Understand that all cameras come with a little bit of memory-The way digital cameras are designed, they all come with a small amount memory, within the camera. However, it is important to understand that this memory is not high speed and will not hold much. For example-A mid range digital camera will hold about 30-35 pictures.
  • Understand how many pictures you will be taking-You don't want to be at a wedding, on vacation or at some special occasion, only to find out the memory card, in your camera is full. The number of pictures you are going to take should probably be the number one consideration, when you are choosing a memory card. Keep in mind though that there is a wide variety of sizes, when it comes to memory cards. You don't want to spend the money, buying the largest memory card you can find; only to find out you don't really need it. Keep in mind that it couldn't be simpler to upload your photos, off your camera, and onto your computer, between uses. The bottom line is if you are someone who religiously uploads your pictures you're your computer, (where you can easily edit and organize them), you won't need as large as memory card, as someone who doesn't pull their pictures off their camera.However, if you are going to be someplace out of the country, or at an event that you will be taking numerous pictures, you want to make sure that you have enough memory.
  • Understand what your picture taking habits really are-Are you someone who pulls out their camera, for every holiday, or does your camera rarely see the light? If you are an avid photographer then you want to carefully consider how you will be using your card and know what you will need to expect from it. Different memory cards support different photographic habits, so it's important to buy the one that supports yours.
  • Understand what size of pictures you will be printing-If you won't be printing anything over 5x7 then you won't need as high a resolution, for your pictures. Keep in mind that while the size of the data file will not be as large, the image quality will also not be as high. However, the bottom line is that you can fit more images, onto the memory card, in your camera. It is important to understand that if you are printing larger pictures, then you will need to save your pictures, to a card that has higher resolution, and without compressing them. This will require a much larger memory card. Size of pictures equates to storage space on your memory card. Various cameras will have different image sizes. The size of the data image file will depend on your camera's image sensor or the megapixel size. The bottom line is the file is going to be larger, depending on how many megapixels your camera has. You should also understand what format you will be saving your pictures in. If you choose to save your pictures in something else then a JPEG format, you will need a larger memory card.
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