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Tips for choosing a music player

Today, there is no reason to have to leave your music at home. With the popularity and use of music players, you can take your music with you everywhere you go, whether at the gym, on the train, or even in the office. However, there are a huge number of portable music players on the market. This can leave music lovers wondering what type of player they should get, and what will work best for them. If you are in the market, for this kind of technology, here are some tips, for choosing a music player-

  • Consider the storage size-Many users of music players will tell you that it is all about the size of the storage. Howe much storage you have on your music player, will determine how much music and video you can put on it. Today there is a wide range of storage options, when it comes to music players. You should consider the following factors: will you be looking to download entire collections, or you will more likely be adding certain songs, from certain albums? Will you primarily be using the music player, for short periods of time (like at the gym) or will you be carrying your music player, like you do your phone or PDA? Will you be adding on movies, audio books, or listening to podcasts? This is important to know since these items take up a lot of storage.Determining how much storage you need, will in large part, determine what type of music players you need to be considering.
  • Consider the player size-Today, you can find music players that range from larger then a deck of cards, to a mini size that can clipped onto a shirt. You will need to determine how you are most often going to be using your music player. If you want something to wear at the gym, you may want to consider going smaller. However, if size doesn't matter, keep in mind that the smaller you go the less storage space you will have. If you plan on storing large amounts of music and other items, you may want to consider one of the bigger music players.
  • Consider the video features-For many people their music player is just that, a player for music. However, for others their music player functions more as an entertainment center. If you plan on downloading movies, TV, and video, you want to consider the video features of your music player. The bottom line is that you want to make sure that you are purchasing a music player that has both the space and the video quality that you want.
  • Consider the size of the screen-This feature has the most in common with the video capabilities. However, some users make the mistake of thinking that even though they are buying a music player with storage, and video capabilities, that the screen size doesn't really matter. Keep in mind that if you are going to be watching anything that is more then a few minutes long, you want to feel comfortable with the screen size. While no one is arguing that the screens on all music players are small (hence the portability), it is important to check out how comfortable you are with the screen, before you buying any particular music player.
  • Consider the reviews-If you are new to the world of music players, it is important to take the time to do your homework. Go online and check out the reviews, for any music player that you are interested in. You want to get an idea of how consumers feel about any music player you are interested in and what problems they report. Additionally, it can also be a good idea to check with family and friends about the music players they use and whether or not they enjoy them.
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