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The world's first underground luxury community

Do you have fears that someday the world will burn or an atomic bomb will be released? There are actually millions of people that fear a Doomsday happening and have taken steps like building underground shelters to have somewhere to retreat. There is an underground luxury community in the Mojave Desert where Robert Vicino has built a large underground community for some people to live in the event that there is a nuclear attack or another disaster.

The Terra Vivos underground shelter network costs $50,000 per person and it includes over 19 community bunkers that are created from steel and concrete and located at least 150-200 miles away from every major city in the United States. Climate changes or nuclear attacks will not be able to penetrate the underground community where you will receive everything from food to clothing in order to survive. Basically you can pick up and leave your home without needing to pack anything or take along any food with you.

How reliable is this bunker? It has been designed to withstand just about everything from 450 mile per hour winds, 10 days of 1 - 250°F surface fires, along with a magnitude 10 earthquake. This indestructible building truly will be able to give humanity a chance at survival if the earth is overcome with a doomsday problem.

So how many people can live here? About 135 people will be able to live here for about 1 year and they aren't having beans and water each day to survive. Vicino has designed this community to be luxurious as there are couches, televisions, laundry machines, water filtration systems, and many other modern-day luxuries.

In order to secure your spot with this underground community you will need to offer up a $5,000 deposit and when the bunker has been completed and ready to be used at any time you will then need to pay the remaining $45,000.

The bomb shelters that Vicino is currently using are those used by the government from the 1960's. He has purchased 3 and has contracts to acquire many others. The goal is to have them ready by 2012 when he has a Mayan calendar predicts the destruction of the world on December 21, 2012. However he does state that these bunkers will be good to go for about 200 years even if there isn't a doomsday in 2012.

Vicino is calling this "life assurance" and not "life insurance" as you are guaranteed to survive by providing the money and you and your family can live underground for at least 5 years. Vicino isn't the only one that is building underground communities; several other entrepreneurs have started building underground communities as well.This is a growing need for many people as so many people predict the end of the world and people want to know they will be able to survive in some way.

One of the things that Vicino has done to strengthen the underground community and to protect it from a post-apocalyptic fallout is to include 600 pound steel doors so they can sustain a blast from a tank, thereby keeping people out that haven't paid to become members of the underground communities.

The various underground communities that Vicino is currently working on should be up and going in about 18 months or sooner. He is holding himself to a standard to have them "cruise ship quality" as he wants his guests to live comfortably under the earth and not just getting by.

Should you invest in this underground community? It all depends on your fears and belief system. While there are many that feel the end of the world should be any day, several studies have found that it doesn't look like immediate threats are foreseeable.

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