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Be a safer driver with the BAC breathalyzer

In 2008 over 37,000 people were killed due to alcohol-related traffic accidents. Police are cracking down on drunk drivers as it's one of the auto accidents that is easily preventable. In 2002 all 50 states agreed to mandate a BAC level that is consistent. If your BAC is .08 or higher, you are considered legally drunk and therefore you can be charged with a DWI or DUI.

Bars are not permitting people to leave if they suspect some of their customers are legally drunk. They will either insist the individual acquires a designated driver or contacts a cab company to drive them home. Some bars have gone as far as alerting local authorities if they think a drunk customer is going to attempt to drive home.

If you like to have the occasional drink here and there, you do need to make sure you are doing everything possible to protect the other people on the roads along with yourself. The BAC breathalyzer will help you to take the initiative to protect yourself and others.

The BAC breathalyzer provides you with a Dual LCD Display and it only costs $6, which means anyone that pays $10 for a beer will easily be able to afford this. This device is the best way to test your BAC level to make sure you are not over the limit. Why not pay $6 to ensure you are safe than to have the police check it for you and issue you with a DWI or DUI?

The BAC breathalyzer will display your BAC and your g/l along with the time using it's LCD display. In order to acquire the results of your BAC you need to breathe into the device for about 5 seconds. This device makes it simple for drivers to see their BAC as the results will appear just seconds after you breathe into it.

If your BAC is high, the device will emit an audio warning and it also has visual warnings. This will help you to be aware that you are considered too drunk to legally operate a vehicle. These unique features make it easier for you to stay safe and it's simple for you to read the results as well.

The LCD display not only warns you of your BAC level, it provides you with a caution notice or a danger notice. It will also provide a countdown timer so you know when enough alcohol will be out of your system so you can test yourself again to see if you are under the limit.

Since the device is so affordable, manufacturers are actually selling them by the case load to bars and to others. It's a great gift to offer to your friends if you frequent the bars on the weekends.Take a look at the other products ChinaVision has manufactured that will help you to be a safer driver while you are reviewing the BAC breathalyzer.

How does the device work exactly? When police pull you over under the suspicion that you are legally intoxicated, they will perform a breath test. This will measure the BAC that is in your breath, allowing the device to show the police that you are too drunk to drive.This device uses the same technology as the policy breathalyzers to acquire the BAC and will then offer you results.

The digital reading on the LCD display makes it very clear and easy to read so you shouldn't have problems understanding if you are over the limit or not. You will need 2 AAA batteries in order for the device to work. Keep in mind that this device is for personal use only and it cannot protect you if you have been pulled over by law enforcement.

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